Portland Man Who Was Almost Killed by Antifa and BLM Opens Up About His Experience

I'll Take You All On! by Ian Sane is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

According to President Biden, Antifa is just an idea and Black Lives Matter is a civil rights group who just want rights for Black people. 

The Democrats live in a fantasy world where roaming gangs of psychotic basement dwelling communists and violent left-wing racial fanatics are no big deal. 

But here in the real world where the rest of us still have to drive on the roads, shop at the grocery store and go about our regular life it’s a very big deal. 

Especially when the police turn a blind eye to try to appease the mob.

That’s what happened to one Portland man called Joe Hall who’s now in the trauma unit of a hospital after almost getting beaten to death by Antifa and BLM psychopaths several days ago. 

Impeachment March by mb298w is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

‘What Did You Do to Agitate the Crowd?’

Hall was driving in Portland and went onto the other side of the street to get around protesters several days ago. That’s when armed Antifa and BLM nutjobs surrounded his vehicle with AR-15s and AKs and told him to stop. 

Hall disagreed and they started shouting and calling him a racist Nazi and began shouting like crazy when they noticed US Marines stickers and Trump stickers on his truck.

“All of a sudden I heard a thump like I hit somebody. And I look up and there’s a guy standing with an AR-15 in front of me, one to the right, two to the left. I decided at that point that my life was in danger,” Hall recalled.

“I got out. I needed to clear the way to get my vehicle out of the area. So, I just bought a non-lethal device and told them I was going to use it.”

The device was just pepper balls he’d bought on Amazon, so nothing too threatening, but they started threatening him more.

Hall had enough and drew his weapon. As a concealed carry holder he was exercising his right to defend himself. He pointed it at the armed goons and it was enough to make the communists go berserk. They surrounded him and began giving him the beating of his life, starting by him being jumped from behind. 

He said he didn’t want to start firing, in part because another Portland man who did that called Mike Strickland got prosecuted for firing his weapon despite being surrounded by threatening and armed individuals. 

When Portland police came across a barely-conscious Hall they asked him what he’d done to stir up the crowd of BLM and Antifa, who’d been holding drivers gunpoint to enforce a no-go zone. 

Victim blaming is par for the course for officers trying to appease an unhinged leftist mob, but the beating Hall suffered was extremely severe.

He’s a former Marine who’s tough as nails, but the broken ribs dislocated shoulder, collapsed lung, smashed eye socket and fractured vertebrae are going to take time to heal. 

When Will it End?

Despite some signs of hope from Portland’s liberal mayor Ted Wheeler that he’ll finally stand up to Antifa and BLM extremists, the reality on the ground is not good. 

Portland is badly broken and it’s simply not a safe place to be if you’re White, politically neutral or in any way libertarian or conservative. Portland is no longer somewhere you should drive through or go if you value your life. 

It’s much safer at this point to go somewhere like Florida, which not only is more open from COVID, but is also led by Governor Ron DeSantis who recently made blocking roadways a crime and is tightening all the punishments for violent “protesters.”

We wish Hall a speedy recovery.