Pop Superstar Nicki Minaj is Causing a Revolt on the Left

Nicki Minaj is a pop and rap star who’s never been a friend to conservatives in the past. In fact, her music has often worried families with some of its messages and lyrics.

However, now Minaj is causing major waves on the left after she decided to speak out about a negative reaction to the COVID vaccines. It turns out that Minaj has a family friend who experienced bad effects from the vaccine.

Minaj sounded off that nobody should be forced to get the jab. Then, she retweeted Tucker Carlson supporting her point of view. The left went absolutely insane in response.

Left Goes Berserk After Minaj Steps Off Democrat Plantation

As Minaj tweeted Tucker Carlson, people like Joy Reid of MSNBC on the left were furious. Others accused Minaj of supporting a “white nationalist” and boosting racism.

What’s remarkable is that Minaj was only saying people should make a free choice about what medical vaccinations they get. That would seem reasonable to any sane person, right?

Yet, liberals were enraged that Minaj questioned their cult; so they told her she was being ignorant, irresponsible, mean-spirited, and bigoted. As usual, it’s those trying to stifle speech and force everyone to agree with their leftist views who are being the true bigots and bullies.

Minaj probably would have just let this be, but because of the abuse she’s gotten from her “side,” she went on a much bigger rant against them in response.

Minaj Responds Angrily

Because of all the criticism she was getting, Minaj headed to Instagram, where she streamed a video speaking out against cancel culture and the left. According to Minaj, we are becoming communist China and she has every right to speak out about her point of view.

The truth is this story is very important. Minaj may be a pop star, but her voice reaches millions of teens. Minaj also reaches mainstream people who aren’t even very political at all and don’t know much about ongoing debates over COVID or other issues.

This means her words have a huge impact. If you want proof, look no further than the CDC racing to put out an announcement just after Minaj’s tweet, saying it was nothing to worry about and the vaccine was super safe.

Even Fauci got in on the panic, saying any idea that the vaccine could cause male fertility issues (as it did for Minaj’s family friend) has “no evidence.”

The Bottom Line

If more celebrities like Minaj start speaking out against the Biden regime and the new bio-fascism that’s trying to take over America, it would be a great development. We need more famous voices to stand up for medical freedom.

Minaj may be left-leaning, but she is rebellious, and she’s reacting really angrily to the left’s attempts to force her to do and say certain things. This is a good sign because the more they provoke her, the more chance she will begin to investigate more deeply and find out just how hateful and full of lies the left truly is.