Police Find Huge Weapons Cache in Home of Accused Monterey Park Lunar New Year Shooter

On Saturday, January 21, a male individual attacked a dance event in Monterey Park, California. In total, 42 shell casings were discovered at the scene of the savage attack.

The gunman killed 11 people in the brazen attack on the Lunar New Year and no motive has yet been found. The suspect is a 72-year-old Asian man by the name of Huu Can Tran.

Authorities are now releasing information about the disturbing amount of weapons and ammo found at Tran’s home.

Huge Weapons Cache Found

Police say they found hundreds of rounds of ammunition, numerous firearms, gun silencers, and other combat equipment.

Ammo and mags were scattered around. Tran himself was found dead from suicide in his van. Monterey Park is mainly a place where Chinese people and Chinese Americans live.

Three of those killed by Tran have now been IDed as Valentino Alvero, Mymy Nhan, 65, and Ming Wei Ma, as well as Xiujan Yu and Lilian Li. The other six are still waiting to be named since their families must first be notified of the tragic massacre.

Tran is an immigrant from China and apparently used to go to the same dancing center where he shot up the new year celebrations.

His ex-wife divorced him in 2005 and said he sometimes had a bad temper. He’d had only one past brush with the law in 1990 for having a gun without a proper license.

Hero Saves Day

Many people are saluting a heroic young man named Brandon Tsay, who grabbed the auto handgun away from Tran before he could murder more people.

There’s no doubt that Tsay’s actions required a huge amount of bravery; it’s disturbing to think how much more damage and deaths Tran could have caused if he’d not been stopped.

While the left is trying to turn this into an issue of gun control, it’s worth pointing out that California has some of the strictest gun regulations in the country.

While it’s true that surrounding states like Nevada do not, Tran’s past conviction for illegal possession of a firearm shows criminals and dangerous individuals will not comply just because you make laws about their guns.

Investigators need to keep looking into what was behind this horrible shooting and what made Tran snap, but we can be sure restricting guns was not something that would have had an impact on this psychotic individual.

What Was Tran’s Motive?

Tran committed suicide after the attack as police closed in, which has caused Monterey Park’s head of police Scott Wiese to note that a motive might never be fully revealed.

Although everyone wants “answers,” Weise pointed out that people might “never” find out the truth about what made Tran snap, considering he is now dead.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.