Police Department in Kansas Tries to Go Woke and Fails Spectacularly

President Trump said it best when it comes to the far left “woke” ideology. As he noted, those who embrace the radical left and go woke, also go broke.

He’s correct. This holds true across the board, including in small-town Kansas where a local city council in Haven, Kansas decided to modernize their police department.

They thought they were hip and getting with the times, but they found out their leftist ideas weren’t passing muster, at least not in Haven.

In God We Trust?

Haven town council decided it was too cool to go by the old ways. It voted to scrap “In God We Trust” off the squad cars of its local police department. The vote was taken on May 3 without much community input.

The motive was reportedly the idea of “separation” of religion and government. A leftist member of the council said she felt it was inappropriate to have religious matters mentioned on policing vehicles.

Others went along with her, with enough agreeing for the motion to pass.

Subsequently, the words were taken off the squad cars, but Haven town council and Mayor Adam Wright were nowhere near prepared for what happened next.

They got flooded with email messages and calls from angry residents.

The people just weren’t having it. They emailed Wright, council members, and others, putting up major protests that started to get in the way of other council business.

Coverage from a hearing on May 16 shows angry locals who showed up to talk about why having God mentioned matters to them.

Re-Vote Restores Motto

The re-vote occurred earlier this week. The council voted by three to two to reinstate the religious phrase. It is also the national motto of the United States and appears on our money and in official government buildings.

There are currently 250 police departments in America that have this phrase on their squad cars, but there is no doubt the left and secularists want to take it out.

Whether you are religious or not, this can be a contentious issue. Some are convinced a religious reference to a deity has no place in publicly-funded departments such as the police.

Others point to this being the national motto. One might also mention if the Founding Fathers wanted nothing to do with God mentioned, then why would they make it a motto of the US and want it on the national money?

The Bottom Line

There’s still a lot more resistance to a fully blue and godless America than many people realize. It’s not only in Kansas that folks are getting tired of the far left overplaying its hand.

If you don’t believe me, watch the results of the upcoming midterm elections, because it’s going to be a landslide.