Police Are Being Butchered in the Streets

Being a police officer in America has always been a hard job. It’s not easy maintaining law and order, particularly in dangerous neighborhoods and when the economy is in bad shape.

With the highest inflation in half a century, and crime out of control in many Democrat-run areas, we need our police more than ever.

The problem is our own federal government isn’t doing nearly enough to back the blue. It’s finally admitting that the problem of violence against police is very serious and growing.

Huge Spike in Murder of Cops in 2021

Last year saw a 59% rise in the murder of police officers in this country. There is an epidemic of anti-police violence on our streets and it’s getting worse.

FBI Director Chris Wray said he’s very concerned about this violence and admitted we’re not giving “enough attention” to the epidemic of aggression against law enforcement. He’s absolutely correct.

We have people like Homeland Security Chief Alejandro Mayorkas and Joe Biden claiming the main security threat in America is white supremacy. They are hoping to score woke points while the blood of police stains the ground.

These officials know the statistics and they know they are lying shamefully. Though they don’t care, because it serves their political agenda.

We all remember the lies after the 2020 death of George Floyd and how violence was encouraged by the left and the liberal media.

None of us will forget Biden and Kamala Harris’ part in encouraging that horror show.

The Biggest Problem

The biggest problem currently occurring against police on the streets is ambushes. Criminals rush up from nowhere and murder them in cold blood while they are in their squad cars or patrolling.

The idea that police officers are on a crusade against unarmed black men is 100% false nonsense that is poisoning our nation. It is completely false.

In 2021, there were six black criminals killed by police, but each year, we see hundreds of police killed by black criminals. Last year, 458 police officers died. 40% of them were done in by black criminals.

In other words, the true epidemic is black criminals killing each other and police. In 2020, that included killing 50 black kids. Though you won’t hear about that from BLM, because facts are now considered “racist.”

Let’s put it this way: there was a 4,000% higher chance of a cop being killed by a black criminal than a black person being killed by a police officer in 2021.

Yet, the Biden regime is focused on passing “anti-lynching” laws? What universe are they living in?

The Bottom Line

At least Wray is finally admitting the problem; although he won’t touch the awful lies of BLM and other race-baiters.

We need to start standing up for police much more in this country and defending them against the sickening, false charge of racism against black people.