Pittsburgh is Losing Businesses Due to High Crime Rates

Crime in major cities has been an issue for quite some time. Yet, the longer this drags out, the easier it becomes to observe the underlying causes.

For one thing, numerous major cities across the country bowed to leftist pressure to defund law enforcement. This definitely emboldened criminals, as did policies that treat offenders with kid gloves.

Soft-on-crime policies are amplified by left-wing DAs in some major cities that are unwilling to get serious about lawbreakers. Just yesterday, the district attorney in San Francisco was recalled, due to his atrocious enabling of rampant crime.

Now another city, this one being Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is currently faced with the ugly consequences of rampant crime, per Fox News.

A Deep Dive into Rampant Crime in Pittsburgh

Homicides, shootings, and robberies have been taking place in Pittsburgh at disturbing levels.

As this pattern continues with no sign of dying down anytime soon, business owners are taking the steps they view as necessary to protect themselves and their workers.

The Pittsburgh-based Fudge Farm recently revealed that it would be shutting up shop, due to the aforementioned crime rates. Fudge Farm previously sold ice cream, burgers, and french fries in the community.


To really drive this point home, Fudge Farm announced that it wouldn’t be comfortable with letting their daughters work in Pittsburgh amid high crime rates. Therefore, the small business isn’t going to ask that employees put themselves in harm’s way.

Sadly, this is far from the only major city that’s seen businesses shutting their doors because of crime. Months ago, various Walgreens locations in New York City shut down because of rampant shoplifting and other crimes.

A Wake Up Call For Democrats

When businesses leave communities, this hurts jobs and also prevents the affected area from having access to various products or services.

More and more businesses are leaving crime-ridden communities for their own safety and well-being. Meanwhile, Democrats have argued that being soft on crime prevents disadvantaged criminals from being treated unfairly.

Yet, what’s not fair is the terrorization of the law-abiding. It’s also not fair for business owners like Fudge Farm not to feel safe in the communities where they reside.

At this point in time, Democratic officials have some choices to make. They can either start upholding the law, or they can continue as they have been and observe more people and businesses fleeing communities.

Upholding the law and refusing to stand for crime should not be partisan positions. It should be universally understood that crime is harmful and only serves to claim more victims.

What do you think about the uptick in businesses departing various communities as a result of high crime rates? Please be sure to share in the comments area below.