Photojournalist and War Veteran Claims US Government is Complicit in ‘Weaponized Migration’

According to photojournalist and U.S. Army Special Forces veteran Michael Yon, the United States government is instrumental in “weaponized migration” that constitutes an “invasion” of the United States.

Thursday, on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily, Yon presented his thoughts and analysis of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ April 2022 trip to Panama, as well as the Darién Province.

Visit to Camps

Yon, an expert in battle photography who has been on two Green Beret A-Teams, accompanied Tom Tiffany from Wisconsin and Burgess Owens from Utah to the Darién Province to study the refugee problem.

According to him, Mayorkas and his security staff visited a migrant camp managed in part by Senafront, a Panamanian police agency that functions as a border patrol.

Yon reported that Mayorkas and his group landed in Blackhawk helicopters within 15 feet of him on the ground.

He continued by stating he’d been informed of the U.S. government’s intention to aid the Panamanian government in expanding its migrant camps. Yon asserts that the Department of Homeland Security accomplished this using public dollars.

Aiding the Problem

Yon recorded aerial imagery of multiple migrant bases in Panama in April 2022 and recently stated the size of both camps more than quadrupled in the intervening year.

He stressed the United Nations’ involvement in managing “weaponized migration” through its satellite agency, the International Organization for Migration (OIM). He also mentioned the U.S. government is the principal state funder of the United Nations.

Comparing this year’s January-February quarter to that of 2022, Panama recorded a 450% surge in migration across the Darién Gap, including a 3000% rise in Chinese people.

Yon furthermore believes the United States administration is “well aware” of the issue and is contributing to it on purpose. As soon as Mayorkas went, Yon stated they were breaking fresh ground and expanding the size of the camps.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.