Perfect Names to Become Next Twitter CEO

Different business experts are guessing the names of the new CEO of Twitter.

Elon Musk is likely to step down from the leadership role of the social media platform. Musk, who previously announced he would remain Twitter’s CEO temporarily, lost a poll, in which netizens asked him to step down as the CEO of Twitter.

New Leadership at Twitter

Elon Musk promised he would abide by the results of the polls, even if they went against him. The poll received more than 17 million votes, but most of them were against Musk, who did not abide by his promise immediately.

Furthermore, Musk claimed he would run the software and servers team of Twitter after resigning as the CEO of Twitter.

After finding that 57.5% of people do not want him to continue as the CEO of Twitter, Musk stated he would step down as the CEO of the platform…if he found someone foolish enough to do the job.

Now, everyone is guessing the name of the new Twitter CEO.

American business expert Chloe Chai believes two people can easily fulfill Musk’s criteria for new CEO: professor Brene Brown and motivational speaker Simon Sinek.

Chai stated people who have dedicated their careers to inspiring others would perfectly lead Twitter. Furthermore, Chai noted people like Brown, who is an experienced professor, author, and TED talker, are the ideal candidates for Twitter CEO.

Additionally, Chai asserted Brown is also a podcast host and a writer who would honestly seek to make Twitter’s environment positive.

Likewise, Chai continued, Sinek is also one of the most optimistic people in the world who is capable of leading Twitter. Sinek knows how to exhibit leadership qualities in the workplace and the outside world at the same time, Chai continued.

Musk Damaged Twitter Reputation

According to Chai, Musk damaged many things at Twitter during his two months tenure as the CEO of Twitter. Due to his controversial and unpopular decisions at Twitter, Musk is currently paying a heavy price, Chai added.

So, Chai continued, Musk will need to make some exceptional decisions in the upcoming months in order to regain the lost reputation of Twitter.

Musk’s decisions were so controversial that they offended many Twitter employees and consumers, Chai claimed.

Chai also chided Musk for bringing unexpected and unreasonable changes to Twitter. If Musk decides to hand over Twitter’s leadership to someone else, the new leader must bring immediate positive changes to the platform, the business expert concluded.

Previously, CNBC claimed Musk is actively finding a new CEO for Twitter, as he wants to focus on his other business ventures.

Musk previously announced he would only lead Twitter temporarily. Last month, the multi-billionaire told the court he would gradually reduce his time at Twitter once he found someone else to lead the platform.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.