Pentagon Goes Woke: New Plan to Spy on American Military Members

Pentagon by gregwest98 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Our military operates as a functioning machine, striking with deadly precision when necessary. 

It relies on chain of command and having higher-ranking officers in charge. 

Somebody has to call the shots and have the battle plan. 

On the civilian side, that’s the Pentagon. 

The problem is that the Pentagon and the US military leadership structure is being invaded by far-left ideology. 

Expert aim by The U.S. Army is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The American Military’s Leftward Drift

There was Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin several months ago, announcing the military would be going through its branches to weed out any “far right” or “White supremacist” members.

There was the recent ad featuring a pro-LGBT daughter of lesbians in an animated cartoon who went from Pride Parades to army service. 

There’s the ongoing reports of servicemen and women being forced to read woke diversity training material including some that claims the US is a “White supremacist” nation at heart.

Now there’s the Pentagon’s latest announcement: it will be spying on members’ social media and deciding what crosses the line in their posts.

Supposedly the Pentagon will be looking for “extremist material” on any member posts. 

The liberal outlet the Intercept which sometimes publishes interesting reports was given access to see the new pilot program which includes “continuously” monitoring “concerning behaviors” among military members.

Like President Trump just a little too much? You could be in trouble. 

In the past our military has not wanted to get members in trouble for social media, but under the Biden Administration those kind of concerns are no longer considered. 

Support Our Troops? 

If you support our troops like I do then you need to be very concerned about this new program. The top company that’s going to be used is called Babel Street and they already have caused controversy in the past for being loose with data collection and selling it to the feds. 

As for Congress and any role they could have to not let our military become a target of prying progressive lunatics, they’re not even paying attention.

“I have discussed this with our defense team and as of right now, we have not heard anything from DoD that would confirm this story,” said the press secretary for Rep. Don Bacon, a member of the House Armed Services Committee.

The committee did later admit the story is true but also expressed a belief that social media screens would be used to vet “cleared individuals” or those seeking to gain security clearance, rather than as “ongoing surveillance” of all men and women who wear the uniform.

Excuse me while I laugh. Does anyone actually believe that an immoral tech surveillance company will just use this spying program for some heightened security clearances?

We already know that Austin and Biden are obsessed with hounding conservatives, Trump supporters, strong Christians and others. They’re not going to “just” go after the “really bad” posts, they’re obviously going to use this as a monitoring tool to stamp out solidarity and conservative pride in the ranks. 

Monitoring social media with certain key words isn’t an  “unnecessary privacy invasion,” but instead a strategy that is “short-lived” and “flawed,” explained former FBI agent Mike German. 

So not only is some of the civilian command of our military maliciously trying to root out conservatives, they’re also planning on using a strategy of watching keywords that doesn’t actually work.

Stupid and malicious are a bad combination.