Pentagon Disbands DEI Unit Amid Accusations of Racism

In a confidential revelation, the Pentagon’s scholastic branch catering to military offspring – known as the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) – proclaimed the dismantling of a comprehensive division committed to the pillars of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

This decision surfaced amidst intensifying scrutiny from Republicans, who decried what they perceived as the military’s embrace of a “woke agenda,” as disclosed by Fox News Digital.

Executive Order by Biden Prompts DEI Division at DoDEA

The head honcho of DoDEA, Tom Brady, elucidated his intent to reallocate DEI connoisseurs into pre-established factions, terming the maneuver a “talent reconfiguration.”

Subsequent to an executive order from President Biden, all federal organizations were instructed to either inaugurate or promote Chief Diversity Officers, among other significant objectives.

In the months that followed, Kelisa Wing was appointed to spearhead the DEI division, playing a crucial role in shaping the curriculum, advancing professional development, and overseeing recruitment.

However, less than a year after Wing’s elevation, she found herself embroiled in a six-month governmental investigation, triggered by Fox News Digital’s exposure of her tweets.

These online posts were lambasted as exhibiting “racist” sentiments and displaying animosity towards Caucasians.

Adding fuel to the fire, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) questioned the rationale behind not dismissing Wing, dubbing her “the racist person that works for you.”

Pentagon Determines No Punishment for Kelisa Wing Over Tweets

As the individual tasked with discerning the conclusion of the investigation into Wing, the Pentagon’s Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness, Gil Cisneros, ultimately decreed that no punitive measures would be taken.

The basis for this decision was the determination that Wing had been expressing her personal views.

In earlier correspondence with Congress, Cisneros asserted that Wing was undergoing a professional realignment and relinquished her “DEI-specific responsibilities.”

However, when Fox News Digital sought further clarification, probing whether Wing – a DEI expert – was indeed disengaged from DEI tasks, they were met with a refusal to divulge supplementary details about personnel affairs.

Per insider information, it has been suggested that Wing continues to be identified as a DEI specialist within the organization.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.