Pentagon Confirms the Presence of US Soldiers in Ukraine

"Surveilling Soldier" by @USArmy

From the very start of the Russian invasion of neighboring Ukraine, the Biden administration made it very clear that no American soldier will intervene in the conflict or even be present in the country for the time being.

Fast forward eight months, and it seems things have changed radically, at least in the Biden administration’s stances on the dragged-out conflict in Eastern Europe. The Pentagon confirmed a certain amount of US soldiers are currently located in the country.

“Attention to Detail!” by @USArmy

Biden walks over promise that US soldiers wouldn’t be found in Ukraine

This could be detrimental to us and the entire region. The death of any American soldier could be perceived as an act of war by the United States, culminating in a global conflict that could easily spiral into World War 3.

After billions of taxpayer dollars spent to aid Ukraine through military and humanitarian donations, one would imagine we’ve done everything in our power to help, but it seems Biden is willing to risk it all.

This comes as the US is already dealing with a plethora of other, more important issues, including our own border crisis, ever-growing inflation, and an energy crisis being prolonged by the Biden administration’s inactivity and disinterest in the matter.

According to Pentagon though, the “small amount” of US soldiers located in Ukraine are there merely to conduct routine weapons inspections of all the donations that came into the country from the US and elsewhere.

US increases involvement in Ukraine v. Russia conflict

Even though there’s no conclusive evidence that combat troops entered Ukraine, many are speculating this move to be the precursor to “mission creep,” where the US would gradually increase its involvement in the conflict.

While still nothing more than hearsay, it’s one of the more likely options. The invasion has dragged on for far too long; it’s inadvertently causing one economic crisis after another across the globe, largely due to Russia being one of the biggest energy exporters in the world.

The entirety of Europe relies on Russian gas. With the recent shutdowns of the Nordstream pipelines, there’s no telling what’s in store for the countries with a high dependence on Russian-imported energy, such as Germany, which is facing its biggest energy crisis in modern history.

Nobody knows why Biden would risk provoking WW3 over something like this, especially now when our economy couldn’t handle a conflict of that scale; we’re dealing with dozens of other matters at the same time.

Then again, it’s not exactly strange either. Biden has proven he’s willing to dedicate time to anything other than what should be his priority at the time.

This is reflected in the fact he’s deliberately choosing not to campaign alongside Democrats in battleground states only a week ahead of the midterm elections.

Even though our involvement would definitely help in resolving the Russia vs. Ukraine conflict, the price we’d have to pay for it is much more than our economy can handle right now.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.