Pelosi Slammed For Remarks on Illegal Immigrants

Ever since Republicans sent illegal immigrants into leftist municipalities for sanctuary city leaders to handle, liberals have been twisting themselves into pretzels.

Leftists ultimately talked a good game about everyone being welcome, but the second they had to follow through on this with action, the game changed.

Suddenly, Democrats have all these reasons as to why illegal immigrants shouldn’t be arriving in blue cities. In a nutshell, Republicans officially called Democrats’ bluff. No longer can the left claim they’re receptive and welcoming to everyone, regardless of legal status.

Now, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the latest Democrat to land in hot water over her comments about illegal immigrants in various US communities, per Newsmax.

The Latest From Pelosi on Illegal Immigrants

While holding a press conference last week, the House Speaker said the United States is dealing with a deficit in workers.

Pelosi then proceeded to express some farmers are questioning why illegal immigrants are being transported up north, rather than left in the south in order to pick crops.

It didn’t take long for this to backfire, with the Democratic congresswoman being quickly accused of racism.

The political left at large was also accused of using illegal immigrants for political gain, exploiting their labor and trying to manipulate them as pawns to keep Democrats in elected office.

The GOP has continued to warn this is a major reason why the left pushes for illegal immigration, mass amnesty, etc.

No Win For Pelosi

For quite some time, southern states were the ones bearing the sole impacts of illegal immigration. Yet, those days are long over.

Southern states along the border have been repeatedly pressing the White House to get a handle on unlawful crossings and uphold immigration rules.

Since the Biden administration has declined to do this time and time again, GOP leaders decided that Democratic officials who’ve long championed illegal immigration can handle these folks directly.

Democrats don’t like this. Yet, they’re not putting any real pressure on the current White House to secure the border. Months and months of data from the Homeland Security Department documents massive upticks in unlawful crossings since Biden got into office.

Of course, these details were not discussed by Pelosi during last week’s press conference. Like other Democrats, the House Speaker has no issues with illegal immigration so long as it doesn’t impact her community.

Going forward, the left will no longer be able to escape the policies they promote and enable. To this very day, the White House still has yet to secure the southern border.

What do you think about Nancy Pelosi’s comments on illegal immigrants picking crops? In the comments section, you are more than welcome to weigh in on this.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.