Pelosi Admits She Held Up Lifesaving COVID-19 Aid Package So Trump Would Lose

"Nancy Pelosi" by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The COVID-19 pandemic has robbed thousands of families of their loved ones and has also made the economic situation unbearable for many Americans.

In particular, forced business closures and lockdown measures have crippled many small and family-owned businesses. If there was ever a time for the Republicans and Democrats to come together for the good of people’s basic survival this would be it, right?

Apparently not.

Pelosi Delayed Crucial Coronavirus Aid Bill to Hurt Trump

America already knows that Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is an elitist hypocrite. Three months ago, news that she’d pressured and bullied a San Francisco hair salon to open despite coronavirus restrictions disgusted the nation.

Now Pelosi has also admitted that she held up vital aid to help Americans during the pandemic in order to hurt Trump and condition the aid package on Democratic victory in the presidential election.

On Friday, Dec. 4, Pelosi said she will finally sign off on $908 billion in stimulus funding that will boost small businesses and struggling Americans. She said she is now willing to move forward on aid because Joe Biden won:

“Finally, we have a new dynamic, a new president in a little more than a month committed to crushing the virus,” Pelosi said, also justifying her new openness to aid on the fact that there is now “more than one successful vaccine to make all the difference in the world.”

President Trump noted vaccines would be out soon months ago, so that’s clearly a lie, but furthermore, the fact that there weren’t vaccines or a solution available months ago is exactly why people so desperately needed a small sign of hope as they struggled.

Pelosi didn’t care. She played politics with the suffering of the American people, conditioning vital aid on whether the election turned out the way she and her party wanted.

Pelosi: Vote My Way or Else …

Instead of moving forward on Trump’s proposed $1.8 trillion aid package, Pelosi chose to chow down on overpriced ice cream and get her hair styled while families went broke, got evicted and suffered in isolation during the devastating pandemic.

Now that the election went her way she is apparently willing to offer a much smaller aid package as a token to the peasants. Pelosi’s cynical and casual acknowledgement that she was playing politics with millions of people’s lives is unconscionable and is not something that voters will soon forget.

Nancy Pelosi Should Resign

Even though there is almost no chance of it actually happening, it needs to be said: Nancy Pelosi should resign. She has failed as an American political leader, letting businesses and American families sink into poverty and despair in order to fulfill her political calculations.

While Congress moved to give the green light to vital aid this past year, Pelosi let her party inject a number of unrelated and outrageous demands into the bill, sinking it and letting Americans suffer until she got a new President more to her liking. Unsurprisingly, Pelosi blames Republicans for not passing her bloated proposal which would have pumped billions into fringe, far-left policies and failing and corrupt Democratic initiatives.

Republicans negotiated to work out a deal with Pelosi to help businesses who were drowning but she held up aid in order to punish Republicans and worsen the national crisis. This is more than just irresponsible: it’s horrific.

"Stop" by eTombotron is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
“Stop” by eTombotron is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Echoing Great Reset propaganda now being parroted by world leaders and politicians, Pelosi said she’s open to approving the smaller aid package now because Biden is in and it’s time to “build back better,” a globalist initiative to force in a new dystopian economic and social system that is strongly supported by the new president.

“Perhaps you missed what I said earlier,” Pelosi quipped. “Joe Biden committed to ending and crushing the virus, and having a builder better America initiative. Build back better. A vaccine. Answer to our prayers.”

At the height of the pandemic when Americans really needed answers to their prayers, Pelosi was bullying salons to open for her and trying to sink coronavirus aid in order to set up Trump for an election loss.

Nancy Pelosi played politics with American lives.

Nancy Pelosi should resign.