Paul Pelosi Let Out of Hospital

Last month, Americans learned about the attack against Paul Pelosi, who is the husband of California Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

A home invader went after Pelosi with a hammer, later prompting him to suffer serious injuries. These injuries led to the House Speaker’s husband going to the hospital and receiving considerable medical care for days on end.

Since the country learned about this attack, many questions have been asked about how this was able to happen and why security detail assigned to the Pelosi’s didn’t stop this.

So far, these questions have yet to be officially answered. Therefore, some folks are arriving at their own conclusions and otherwise mulling over theories.

Earlier this week, Pelosi was finally released from the hospital where he was getting care, according to Breitbart News.

A Closer Look at Pelosi’s Release From the Hospital

Pelosi’s exit from the hospital comes after he received surgeries to treat harm inflicted to his hand, arm, and skull.

After six days in the hospital, Pelosi’s recovery is not just finished; however, he is in better shape to the extent of not needing 24/7 care from medical professionals.

The House Speaker herself put out a statement regarding her husband’s release from the hospital. Pelosi said her husband is thankful for the medical care he received from healthcare professional after being brutally assaulted in their home.

Pelosi also made it clear that she and her family would like to be granted privacy from the general public as they get through this time. This came in addition to the House Speaker noting her thankfulness for the support that some people have shown.

Public Discourse Surrounding This Attack

In the wake of the assault against Paul Pelosi, some Democrats have taken to blaming Republicans. It’s been alleged on numerous occasions that Republicans are at fault for riling up folks like the man who attacked Pelosi.

However, this narrative is rightfully getting some pushback. Republicans and Democrats alike both criticize each other’s policies, leadership, and speech.

If Republicans are to blame for every crazy person who goes after a Democrat, then the same can also be said of Democrats for those who attack Republicans.

When GOP members are subjected to violence, Democrats do not blame themselves for it. They generally treat it as an isolated incident.

Just over this year alone, Democrats have been ripping Republicans as semi-fascist, opposed to democracy, hateful, etc. In the midst of all this, there’s been no concern from the left about how this rhetoric could impact individuals who are not mentally stable.

What do you make of the news that Paul Pelosi has been released from the hospital already? Let us know in the comments area if you believe any more developments will come from this story.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.