Patriots Give Joe Biden a Giant Middle Finger With Public Humiliation

Joe Biden may be sitting in the White House, but he’s still not able to control all of us. College football has started back up and fans are having a blast. They’re having a blast far away from the fear, depression, and the liberal lies of Biden, Fauci, and crew.

In addition to exciting and action-packed games, there were many chants happening this past weekend…patriotic chants, team chants, and also some very anti-Biden chants…

Crowds of Fans Shout ‘F*** Joe Biden’!

I don’t endorse the bad language, but the news is the news… and huge amounts of fans decided to start up chants of “f*** Joe Biden!” at their college football games. The unpopularity of this president is stunning.

Between stranding Americans and getting our troops killed in Afghanistan, to pushing the ineffective and dangerous vaccine on everyone, Biden is wearing out everyone’s last nerve. That’s not to mention the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants he’s helping pour into the country through our Swiss cheese southern border.

Remember when Biden said he’d bring the country together? What a joke. The experts and leftists are saying that these crowds of fans are superspreader events. Yet, their precious blue states that are all masked up are rapidly spreading the virus.

We all understand that nothing these people say is even scientific. Also, when we see them celebrate the deaths of those who don’t get the ineffective vaccine, we know for sure that nothing they say is motivated by real concern or compassion.

It’s all leftist political point-scoring for these sick freaks, so screw them.

The Chants are Spreading

In addition to popping up at various Southeastern Conference (SEC) games, the chants are spreading around, including at a Zac Bryan concert in Nashville. Sports fans have been told they had to stay away from each other for over a year now.

Now that they’re back together, the American spirit is rising irresistibly. Plus, its message is clear to all enemies of liberty, including the old man occupying our White House: f*** Joe Biden!

This country has been dragged through the mud, disrespected, and let down by the liberal left and the Democrat party. Americans have quite simply had enough. The answer to 1984 is 1776.

Soros is Watching

Liberals and conformists say that we should all just shut up, get the vaccine, stay home and obey. College football fans like this are saying no.

It may seem crude or immature, but swearing at the president is still a very tough message and it’s going to be heard. The globalist freaks who are trying to move us into their new high-tech smart grid world are very aware of what’s happening.

They notice that people aren’t buying their lies anymore.