Out-of-Control Murder Pandemic Gripping Milwaukee, Wisconsin

All across America there’s a murder wave. That’s especially true in Democrat-run blue cities and states. I’ve reported on it before, and sadly, it’s not getting any better.

One of the worst examples is Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where murders went up 93% in 2020 compared to 2019. There were a staggering 189 murders in 2020 and so far, 2021 is looking like it will be even worse.

Now that the statistics are fully released, community leaders and residents are wondering what is leading to this murder spree and what they can do to stop it. Defunding the police is the last thing on Milwaukee’s mind: they have a problem with homicide, not a problem with bad cops.

National Massacre

Milwaukee is part of a national murder wave that overran the nation in 2020, with huge jumps up from 2019. In fact, from LA to New York, murders jumped by an average of 30% across the nation.

The number one rise in homicides in 2020 occurred in Milwaukee, which has been led since 2004 by a feckless Democrat called Tom Barrett. With 189 murders in 2020 and young people being gunned down recklessly on Milwaukee streets, you’d hope that 2021 has at least been a slight decline.

Unfortunately, so far, 2021 already has 127 killings in Milwaukee and is on track to be much worse by the time this year ends out. All this tragic violence has city leaders and residents asking about the cause and the solution.

Why Are Murders so High in Milwaukee?

Generally when you see a spike in violence, there are some trends behind it. If you’re asking a Democrat, they’ll generally point to lack of gun control, economic inequality, lack of social services funding, education shortfalls and so on.

What’s clear about Milwaukee is that the city’s black population in particular has been gripped by a pandemic of brutal violence. Also, many people have been caught in the crosshairs.

Milwaukee, as a whole, is 40% African American. The weapon of choice in most of these horrific murders which have been occurring is a handgun. The danger zone is in the city’s black northern neighborhoods where poverty is high and gang violence and drugs are common.

Many families in the area live below the official poverty line. They scramble to enjoy a basic existence, with elderly people dying from COVID and other diseases and young people dying from gunshot wounds.

This should not be America in 2021.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line about murders in Milwaukee is that they’re part of a broader national pattern. As the media salivates over Black Lives Matter and other media events, encouraging the riots that burned down our cities, real problems continue for the black community.

Then, when somebody rises up to do something about it (like Larry Elder and his run for governor of California) the liberal media and political class pile on with racist attacks and mockery.

It’s time for a reality check.