Oscars Awards Show Viewership Drops 58% to All-Time Low

Oscar award by theglobalpanorama is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Spare a tear for Hollywood. Just joking, forget about them. 

The once star-studded center of world entertainment is now a mere shadow of its former self and there’s a good reason for that. 

Ninety percent of what Hollywood produces these days is burning trash that nobody wants to watch, and ratings reflect that. 

Of course there are excellent films now and then that come along, but generally speaking Americans – and especially conservatives – are sick of watching far-left progressives beam degenerate propaganda and race-baiting hate into their living room. 

The latest freefall comes as the recent Oscars Award Show drew the lowest ratings in its history, a 58% decline from last year. 

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Bye Bye, Hollywood

Sunday’s Oscars Award show had only 9.9 million viewers, down 58% from last year’s number of 23.6 million. Keep in mind that 23.6 million was the lowest number ever as well, down 6 million from pre-pandemic numbers in 2019. 

Only 1.9% of American adults between 18 to 49 watched the Oscars this year. In other words, people had better things to do, like clip their toenails or do the dishes. 

The Oscars aren’t alone in taking a ratings dive either. Every awards show and pop culture event that the left tries to make mainstream is dying off. The Grammy Awards last month in March had only 9.2 million viewers, down 50% from 2020, while the Golden Globes TV awards had only 6.9 million, down 64% from 2020. 

When do you think these folks will realize that their anti-Christian, anti-American propaganda is starting to fall on deaf ears? When will they realize that people don’t want to watch women grind around on stage simulating vulgar lesbian sex acts or watch movies supporting transgender issues and promoting drugs?

According to polling that was done, many people didn’t even know the actors who were appearing on the Oscars or what they were famous for. 

I know that I personally can’t even name you many movie stars prior to about the 2010s for one very simple reason: I just don’t care. At all. 

Because their star struck lifestyle and silly little films don’t make a difference in my life and like I said, 90% of the films that are currently being released are complete garbage that aren’t even entertaining much less thought-provoking or profound. 

What’s Next for Hollywood?

Whatever is next for Hollywood one thing is sure. They can’t keep cruising on autopilot and the industry is going to have to wake up if it wants to survive. Hollywood insiders themselves have some thoughts on what’s next. 

The writer of Toy Story 4, Stephany Folsom, for example said that coming out of the pandemic “we’re going to have to understand what we went through and what it means.

And I suspect that we’re going to see a lot of paranoia thrillers, like what we saw in the 1970s coming out of Vietnam and then mistrust of government post-Watergate. We’re going to see a lot of that in our storytelling and in unpacking how we’re reacting to the situation with our federal governments and local governments.”

Now those might be movies I’d go to see. 

Folsom has a good point here. People are tired of seeing films that just reinforce the establishment point of view or push the latest social engineering at you about social issues or anti-conservative political propaganda. It’s time for writers and filmmakers to get a little more creative and think outside the box if they want to get us watching again. 

“Conservatives and religious people bad” just isn’t a very unique or absorbing storyline when it’s already been done a thousand times by some hipster Brooklyn filmmaker. 

Do better Hollywood.