Oregon Just Went Full Liberal

Oregon Governor Kate Brown is an embarrassment to this whole country. She doesn’t belong anywhere near the leadership of a school board, much less an American state. Brown has consistently turned a blind eye to Antifa running over the city of Portland and other areas of the state.

The Democrat governor has strangled the economy with COVID restrictions and been an overall disaster. Now a bill signed last month is making waves because of its incredible stupidity. It wasn’t publicly announced and was only entered as a law recently, leading to the splash it’s currently making.

The bill lifts requirements to prove you know how to do math, read and write in order to graduate in the state of Oregon. Yes, seriously.

Why Did Brown Sign This Law?

Senate Bill 744 dropping reading requirements was motivated by concerns over racism. Curious minds wanted to know why it wasn’t entered into the state law database until several weeks after being signed; however, the governor’s representatives said the person responsible for that was sick.

Sure. According to a communications representative for Brown, getting rid of the standards on reading, writing and math is to stop racism because non-white students weren’t getting high enough grades. Is it just me, or is lowering requirements to get more minority students to pass kind of condescending and…racist?

If students of any color and background can’t pass a test, study harder! Being treated equally is supposed to be the whole point here, but under the leftist critical race theory clown world, treating minorities like they are disabled or mentally incapable is supposedly “anti-racist.”

If you go to school in Oregon, you’ll have to wear a mask, but you won’t have to know what 2+2 is. Blue states are turning into absolute disaster zones.

The Bigotry of Low Expectations

Cities like Baltimore and San Francisco had huge amounts of inner city crime and therefore simply stopped enforcing the law. Small time drug and property offenses no longer land you in jail in Baltimore and in San Francisco, theft under $950 is legal.

If too many people are breaking the law, just cancel the law. Now Oregon shows the similar liberal mindset: if too many students are failing and it looks bad, just cancel the basic requirements of school.

It’s absolutely idiotic and it’s certainly the end of the American education system. How are colleges supposed to know who to let in if basic high school requirements are no longer even being measured and graded?

Oregon is done. It’s sad that such a beautiful state has sunk this low, but there’s not much left to do if you’re an Oregonian but try to leave the state. Kate Brown is on a mad power trip and like other blue states, she’s leading her state down a path to perdition.