Oh Dear, Europe Can No Longer Cope with Self Inflicted Migrant Wave

Having run out of locations to house refugees, several nations inside the European Union have indeed been compelled to establish tent camps.

Camps have now been opened in both Ireland, as well as Germany, to house potential refugees after unlimited immigration.

EU members welcomed in tens of thousands of migrants from outside of the bloc and started to run out of places to put their new arrivals.

They Wanted This

Ireland’s housing problem, which is severely affecting the island people’s ability to support themselves, makes the situation there extremely poor.

Der Spiegel reported there is almost no more space for migrants in Berlin, forcing the government to put in place an emergency plan to enhance supply.

According to reports, this entails erecting a tent encampment with space for about 900 people while officials look for hostel rooms for recent emigrants.

After officials learned they couldn’t properly host a significant percentage of the more than 40,000 refugees they allowed in ostensibly from Ukraine, Ireland already established a tent city on the territory of a military post.

Additionally, after seemingly exhausting the supply of hotels and lodging rooms for migrants, authorities are now attempting to find housing through religious organizations.

According to the Irish Times, ministers will be updated on the status of this crazy plan on Wednesday.

The article claims that on average, 1,400 people who are claiming to be from Ukraine arrive in the nation each week. Ministers have been informed this rate of immigration is expected to continue for the rest of the year.

To make matters harder, there has been a significant increase in non-Ukrainian refugees in the nation, with reports stating over 13,000 such migrants are currently being housed in state and temporary accommodation.

The nation’s asylum system is starting to fall apart under the pressure brought on by  Ukrainian and non-Ukrainian refugees. Both the wider populace and even the migrants themselves have criticized this.

We Tried to Warn Them

Gript Media quotes a Palestinian undocumented immigrant as saying, “I’m not a citizen [of Ireland], yet this is not at all a sensible notion,” in reference to Ireland’s Open Borders asylum policy.

This clearly places no limit on the number of entries.

He continued, “There will be issues, no housing, expensive rent, and strain on all state institutions. Naturally, hatred will grow as a result of the public’s perception that their leadership does not care for them as much as it does for refugees.”

The immigrant, who will be sent to the abovementioned tent city in the nation, expressed doubts about the appropriateness of the arrangement as well.

“How will we fare over the winter? Not to add, the majority of our documentation, including our PPS cards, medical cards, and social security cards, will be issued at this site,” he added.

“To be completely honest, I have no idea what the politicians are thinking.”

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.