Of All the Accusations Against George Santos, This is the Most Ridiculous

Rep. George Santos (R-NY) appears to be following the example of Joe Biden by lying quite a bit with regard to his origins and numerous other parts of his life.

Left Goes Crazy for the Wrong Reasons

Considering all the issues Democrats could legitimately criticize him for, they have truly dropped the ball on this particular occasion.

Democrats shed any remaining semblance of sanity when they promoted the conspiracy idea that he flashed a “white power” symbol during the vote for Rep. Kevin McCarthy to be House Speaker.

One could explain at great length that an “okay” hand gesture is not invariably a “white power” sign; the entire idea was created as a joke on 4chan to see if anyone would fall for it.

Since then, many individuals on the left are still being trolled by this joke as they still believe it. They have been warned, but they continue to disseminate this gas by occasionally throwing it at others.

Now, they are foolishly accusing Santos of flashing a “white power” gesture.

According to what Jim Bourg, Reuters’s News Pictures Editor in Charge of Washington, said and based on the response, it appeared Reuters’s initial response to the photograph was provocative.

The footage shows he clearly had his arms folded when he was asked to vote for McCarthy, making his behavior in this instance particularly obnoxious.

He did little more than lift his right hand from his crossed arms posture. With the left hand, he was not displaying anything. This video explains everything, so kudos to the individual who guessed correctly and attempted to clarify the issue.

As previously said, there are numerous things to be addressed regarding this individual.

Whereas to attempt to dissect a gesture for which there is no indication that it was intended to be racist is ridiculous. It keeps showing how easily people will believe anything if it supports their political prejudices.

Even when told the facts, they do not care; they prefer fiction.

Maybe someone should tell them that he is allegedly from Brazil and is Latino. However, this would not deter those who believe in “black white supremacists.”

Hypocrisy is Rife

It’s amusing that the very people who criticize him for inventing things about himself have no difficulty promoting a conspiracy theory about how he holds his hands in a second of time.

It’s all about validating their prejudice. It is for this reason that people on the left will pursue Santos for lying, but not Joe Biden for the pile of lies he has told about his own history.

However, not all liberal media members fell for this, as some postedtTweets in his defense and claimed that they saw no evidence.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.