Obamas Cause Suspicion By Ordering Huge Propane Tank For Posh Island Mansion

The high-profile family of ex-President Barack Obama seems to be up to something bizarre.

They are seeking to put a gigantic propane tank, which might as well only be suited for apocalypse-type events, in their luxury mansion property on Martha’s Vineyard Island.

Martha’s Vineyard’s First Private Propane Tank

Last summer, Barack Obama and his entire cohort of family, relatives, and friends sparked public outrage by throwing his obscenely luxurious, mass-scale 60th birthday bash in their Martha’s Vineyard mansion.

This happened just as the COVID-19 pandemic was raging and thousands of Americans were dying daily. Meanwhile, a growing number of US households were already struggling to make ends meet.

Apparently, the unabashed Obamas are now up to something else. They are reported by WND and MV Times to be seeking to install an enormous commercial propane tank of 2,500 gallons on their property on the Atlantic Resort Island.

The request the Obamas made of the select board of the town of Edgarton, Massachusetts is considered “unprecedented” by the board members.

One board member, Arthur Smadbeck, is quoted as saying the local authority body never actually had a request for the installation of a “private propane tank.”

Another board member, Michael Donaroma, said a propane tank for a private residence would typically be a “fraction” of the size the Obamas are asking for.

No Cost Worries For Wealthy Obamas

The report notes a home at a location such as Martha’s Vineyard could be expected to have a back-up power generator.

However, the size of the 2,500-gallon installation the Obamas are craving is striking; its price tag is $75,000.

It is also noted that propane gas is going to be more expensive, with households relying on natural gas expecting a 54% price increase over the next 12 months.

The giant propane tank installation at the Obama mansion is hardly going to be environment-friendly, even if natural gas may yield fewer emissions, compared to oil and coal.

In spite of Obama’s frequent eco-preaching over the years, his family is hardly a friend of the environment, if only taking into account the huge number of private jets that arrived to Martha’s Vineyard last year for his scandalous jubilee bash.

Against that backdrop, it still remains a mystery as to what the Obamas need their apocalypse-grade gas tank for.

Meanwhile, Sasha Obama, the family’s younger daughter, was photographed filling her gas tank at a gas station in LA.

Sasha Obama, dressed in a weird “multi-colored ensemble”, was getting fuel at a Mobile gas station at where Regular Unleaded cost $7.69, Special Unleaded was at $7.79, and Super+ Unleaded went for $7.89.

Even as LA and California have some of the highest gas prices in the nation, the Obama daughters hardly feel the pain at the pump that most Americans do.