Obama Thinks Biden Repaired US Economy

Former President Barack Obama endorsed the poor economic policies of Biden, claiming the president successfully fixed the American economy.

Obama’s comments came at a time when Americans are suffering from historically high inflation while the US economy is on the brink of recession.

Obama Defies Logic to Defend Biden

During a campaign event in Pennsylvania, Obama established that Biden successfully repaired the US economy even though he was facing unprecedented challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.

Furthermore, Obama claimed Biden managed to keep unemployment under control at a time when many economists predicted the country was heading toward another great depression. 

In addition, Obama noted Biden lowered healthcare and medicine prices and has successfully passed an infrastructure bill that will help Americans across the country.

So, Obama continued, if voters can help Democrats maintain the House majority and win some more Senate seats, Biden will make significant progress on the issues Americans care about the most.

However, Obama’s claims defy all the data. When Biden took office in January 2021, the Consumer Price Index, which measures inflation, stood at 1.4% annually. 20 months into Biden’s presidency, the CPI skyrocketed to 8.2% in September 2022. 

Both Obama and Biden are laser-focused on winning the Pennsylvania Senate race, as they flew to the state to campaign for Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman. Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump was also present in Pennsylvania to endorse the campaign of Dr. Mehmet Oz of the Republican Party.

Trump has told voters that he wants to see a sweeping red wave in Pennsylvania, while Biden established the Pennsylvania Senate seat would decide the fate of American democracy.

Biden also stated that Trump consistently promotes the 2020 election fraud narrative, so democracy is at stake in the Pennsylvania Senate race.

Political Giants Gather in Pennsylvania to Clinch the Senate Race

Pennsylvania is one of those states where Biden has personally endorsed the candidacy of the Democratic candidate. Obama won the state’s 20 Electoral College votes in both of his presidential runs, while Biden also grabbed the state in the 2020 election.

In 2016, Trump won Pennsylvania; so all the political heavyweights of both the parties spent their weekend to connect with the voters of the Keystone State.

Barack Obama added that many voters do not pay any attention to midterm elections, as they think the control of Congress is not as important as the presidency.

However, Obama continued, every voter needs to take an interest in congressional politics at a time when the future of the fundamental rights of Americans are at stake.

Obama’s bid to campaign on fundamental rights also goes against the policies of the Biden administration. The federal government is currently using multiple government departments to curb free speech, a fundamental right stated in the Constitution.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.