Obama Snubs Dershowitz’s Birthday Bash Over Fox News Host Invite

In a startling revelation, renowned lawyer Alan Dershowitz disclosed that former President Obama declined to attend his 75th birthday party because he invited Fox News host Geraldo Rivera.

This surprising incident was shared by Dershowitz during his appearance on The Charlie Kirk Show, shedding light on the intolerance of differing viewpoints within liberal circles.

Dershowitz, who famously represented President Trump during his first impeachment trial, faced significant backlash from his liberal friends for his continued support of the former president.

He confided in conservative host Charlie Kirk that his defense of Trump cost him dearly, lamenting the loss of decency when it comes to respecting diverse perspectives. He particularly criticized those on the left for their pettiness.

Obama’s office made it clear that unless Rivera was disinvited, he personally would not attend. However, Dershowitz, valuing loyalty over political convenience, refused to disinvite Rivera, leading to Obama’s absence from the celebration.

This incident is just one of many instances where Dershowitz has been ostracized by his former liberal friends.

He narrated an incident where a former friend went to great lengths to avoid even seeing him. His local library, synagogue, community center, and even the book show on Martha’s Vineyard, where he is a best-selling author, have all canceled him.

Despite these experiences, Dershowitz still identifies as a liberal, supporting gay rights, abortion, gun control, and environmental protection.

However, he firmly believes Trump was treated unfairly and advocates for a pause on all legal proceedings against the former president until after the 2024 presidential election. He argues conducting a trial during the election would constitute election interference, whether deliberate or not.

As Dershowitz prepares to celebrate his 85th birthday on September 1, he remains steadfast in his principles. Despite being shunned by the Obamas and other liberals, he continues to stand by his friends, including Geraldo Rivera, whom he plans to invite again.

This tale of loyalty and liberal outrage serves as a stark reminder of the growing intolerance towards differing viewpoints within certain circles.

As Dershowitz’s story unfolds, it becomes clear that the true test of character lies not in agreeing with popular opinion, but in standing up for one’s beliefs and friendships.