Obama Plans to Have Huge Superspreader Birthday at His Cape Cod Mansion

Barack Obama is a man that many of us would prefer to forget about. He did enormous damage to this country and directly helped create the racial and economic divisions that have become so bad today.

The liberal media celebrated his every step because he talked nicely and agreed with their leftist ideology, but Obama was a disaster. The main update to tell you is that Obama is still a disaster. This liberal hypocrite is set to throw a massive birthday party for when he turns 60 at his Cape Code mansion and invite around 500 guests with hundreds of staff.

Happy Birthday Obama…

Various liberal celebrities are expected to come to the huge party which the Obama team insists will be outside and “ask people” to be vaccinated. As we know, hundreds of thousands of vaccinated people have spread and caught COVID, so this makes no sense.

Imagine if President Trump were holding a huge birthday celebration at Mar-a-Lago. The liberal media would be calling him a deadly superspreader dictator who’s destroying the country.

Meanwhile, this Democrat dunce who dragged our country through the mud for eight years wants to hold a super-spreader event and it’s barely caused a stir. It should be causing outrage!

Partying and Relaxing as America Suffers

Americans are facing a massive eviction crisis, the spreading of the Delta variant and new mask and vaccine mandates. Is this really the time for a massive party in the liberal enclave of Martha’s Vineyard in Cape Cod?

This is especially true, considering Provincetown nearby and Cape Cod nearby Barnstable county have had massive outbreaks recently among the vaccinated. White House Press Secretary and professional liar Jen Psaki dismissed concerns, saying Obama wants everyone to get their shots and people will be tested before entering.

Psaki said since the party’s outside nobody should worry. Yes, I’m sure not a single person will find their way into the massive mansion for a drink as the night goes on.

Welcome to the Obama VIP Life

The Obama mansion in Cape Code is worth about $12 million and includes 30 acres of pristine land on the ocean. Having hundreds of guests even to such a large property is basically the definition of a superspreader event.

Considering the vaccinated can still spread COVID and the tests are often wrong, is this really the line the Democrats are going to go for? Are we supposed to believe Obama will turn away Oprah Winfrey at the gate if she tests positive?

During the pandemic we all remember how civil rights icon John Lewis’ funeral was attended by hundreds of Democrats and RINOs at the same time they were telling all of us to stay socially distanced.

This is just another version of that, but even worse because it’s Obama’s birthday and he’s an awful man. The Democrats are a joke!