Oath Keepers Founder Will Spend Nearly Two Decades Behind Bars

Over two years later, there is still much unfinished business when it comes to the aftermath of January 6. In real time, people are still sitting behind bars, many of whom are waiting to get their day in court.

Likewise, law enforcement has been clear that it will leave no stone unturned in its efforts to figure out who all was involved in the Capitol riots that day.

As various individuals are sentenced to time in prison, it usually makes the news. In the case of the man who founded the Oath Keepers, he’s going to be spending almost the next 20 years in lockup, according to Western Kentucky University’s Public Radio Service.

No Coming Back From This

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes’ life is about to change. Back in November, he was found guilty in a court of law for various felonies, such as sedition. However, the news of his sentencing following the guilty verdict confirms he’s going away for 18 years.

The judge on the case stated in remarks that Rhodes is a “peril” and persistent “threat” to the United States’ democracy and existence.

One factor that contributed to the Oath Keepers founder getting such a long sentence is the judge also determining that his conduct on January 6 met the approaches of terrorism.

Contrary to advice, Rhodes also opted to operate as his own defense in the case, which many believe didn’t do him any favors. This allowed the opposing side to land multiple hits that likely played a role in his 18-year sentence.

What’s Next?

Within the months ahead, Americans can expect to hear more about January 6 protesters being locked up for their actions at the Capitol.

Nationwide, people have opposing views about the fairness of these verdicts and how they contrast with others who’ve engaged in controversial public demonstrations.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.