North Korea’s New Dictator Could Be Kim Jong Un’s Sister

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The first female dictator in the world could soon become a reality.

The woman in question is the sister of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, who is quickly rising up the ranks of the totalitarian communist country. Many North Korea experts say that the country’s inner circle is grooming 32-year-old Yo Jong to be the next leader.

Meet Kim Yo Jong

As Kim Jong Un’s young sister, Yo Jong grew up in his shadow but has risen in fame and prominence and currently serves as first Deputy director of the United Front Department of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

She has become well-known for her strong support of the communist regime and hatred of dissenters, calling North Koreans who’ve left the country “human scum hardly worth their value as human beings,” and “wild animals who betrayed their own homeland.”

Yo Jong told South Korea to be careful of North Korean defectors since they must be “ready to take care of the consequences of evil conduct by the rubbish-like mongrel dogs who took no scruple to slander us while faulting the ‘nuclear issue’ in the meanest way at the most untimely time.”

Yo Jong has strongly defended North Korea’s pursuit of nuclear weapons and consistently portrayed a perfectionist view of the regime, unlike her brother who has even admitted recently that he let the country down in some ways during the pandemic. This, along with reports of his ill health, has some wondering if Yo Jong could be next in line.

Freedom for North Korea?

South Korea recently passed a law making it illegal to send over balloons and leaflets into North Korea showing its citizens what life is like in the south. This summer Yo Jong ordered the army to destroy what had been a shared North-South Korea industrial complex at the Kaesong Industrial Complex near the demilitarized zone.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in has met four times with Kim Jong Un in attempts to move forward into a peace and reconciliation process. He decided not to escalate the situation at that time, despite his calls for North and South to “move forward, one step at a time, down the road to national reconciliation, peace, and reunification.”

Yo Jong said that Moon’s words asking for peace were “shameless” nonsense, and she has steadily become more and more popular in her own country.

North Korea – Flag by Roman Harak is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Give Peace a Chance?

President Trump and Kim Jong Un’s attempts at peace talks ultimately did not lead to a deal, although they also did not lead to nuclear war like the US liberal media kept saying they would.

Yo Jong would be a step further toward confrontation and separating from interaction with the West.

Will she become the ruler? It is hard to say, but as the chief of North Korea’s Organization and Guidance Department that watches all the country’s top civilian and military leadership and can execute and jail anyone she wants, Yo Jong is already moving quickly into becoming much more than just a figurehead.

Kim Jong Un’s older brother Kim Yong Chol does not have as much power as Yo Jong and Kim Jong Il reportedly said Kim Yong Chol – who is a big Eric Clapton fan and guitar player – was too feminine to take power or effectively lead the country.

As the late Kim Jong Il’s daughter, Yo Jong has the right bloodline to take power, even if the country – and the world – hasn’t yet had a female dictator. Yo Jong is clearly already second-in-command in North Korea and it could be just a matter of time until she is first.