North Korea Has a New Plan to Scare the World

Kim Jong-un visiting Berlin by driver Photographer is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Nancy Pelosi recently called up the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley to ask him to make sure President Trump doesn’t launch nukes at the last minute.

But she should be paying attention to another man halfway around the world: North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

He’s angry, back to blaming America for all his problems and has his mind set on a new way to boost North Korea.

President Trump Meets with Chairman Kim Jong Un by The White House is marked with CC PDM 1.0

You’ll Never Guess Kim’s Idea…

Speaking to the Workers’ Party Congress, which is basically the people who don’t work but order around the enslaved workers of the country on behalf of their crazed communist ideology, Kim was honest for once that his economic plans have failed.

New things have to be done, but most of all, North Korea’s path forward is in going back to focusing on making nuclear weapons and missile delivery systems that will let them hit their enemies.

With Biden becoming the next President in only ten days, Kim is one of the biggest threats he will have to deal with. The North Korean leader showed some progress in working with Trump but he is now back to blaming the US for his nation’s problems and saying they will have to change policy if they want his country to shift in any way.

The North Korean Trap

One of the ironic things is that North Korea wouldn’t be so pour if its ruling Kim family didn’t keep pumping all their cash into the nuclear program. Food, infrastructure, electricity and other basics are put in last place as the family seeks to keep its stranglehold on power and have a big stick to wave in foreign relations with its nuclear program.

Admitting that the North Korean economy is doing horribly and suffering under sanctions but then promising to boost it back up by doing one of the main things that’s led to it going down is galaxy brain idiocy.

Of course the truth is Kim is pursuing this idea to keep his family in power, not to help the nation.

How Close Were Trump and Kim to Peace?

Despite their two meetings, Trump and Kim were never that close to peace because North Korea refused to budge on its demands and “right” to have nuclear weapons. Kim wanted all sanctions lifted before he scaled back some of the nuke development and Trump said no deal.

Intelligence experts say they kept working on nuclear research and development despite the peace talks, so it seems like all Kim is saying now is they’re going to go back to shooting them over the ocean in tests and being more brazen again.

The Kim regime has a long and predictable playbook of offering to talk diplomacy and then using the threat of their nuclear program to get what they want. Then they steal the money intended for the people, use it to further boost up their nuclear program and make more demands.

This is not an easy country to deal with and rhetoric about “democracy” or rights doesn’t have any impact on them, as their arrest and murder of American student Otto Warmbier showed very clearly.

Joe Biden does not seem like the kind of man who’s going to be able to stand up to Kim Jong Un, let’s be honest. He will read lines written by his speechwriters and Deep State big brains – the exact same people who’ve done nothing but move the situation closer to war with the dangerous rogue regime and its massive standing army.