North Carolina Women’s Soccer Player Sidelined Over Pride Dispute

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North Carolina Courage’s defender was forcefully sidelined during the team’s Friday game earlier this week after refusing to wear a jersey with Pride-themed decorations on it. This is within her constitutional rights.

The player in question, Jaelene Daniels, who is a devout Christian, originally rose to fame in 2017. She announced she’d be departing the league once the new rainbow-design jerseys for both the men’s and women’s teams were announced.

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Liberal agenda makes its way into sports

This time, however, Jaelene was beaten to it.

The team’s selector decided her opinions warrant that she doesn’t deserve to play for the team she’s been a part of for over half a decade, removing her from the team’s roster for a single game.

The team’s statement claims they’re greatly disappointed with her refusal to support the LGBT community, but that they will honor her right to do so, albeit at the cost of her performing during one of their games.

The team then boasted about their growing relationship with the LGBT community and how they’re looking forward to hosting their first Pride Festival right before kickoff at the game’s start.

Additionally, the team’s coach also seems to have fed into the “woke” agenda, as he announced wearing the aforementioned “Pride” jerseys is immensely empowering to the team.

Daniels forced into an apology tweet

It seems the coach may have misplaced his priorities, given the amount of dedication that went into defending what is nothing more than a leftist political agenda shoved into a sports category where it clearly doesn’t belong.

ESPN also replied to a Twitter thread related to the latest developments regarding Jaelene Daniels, claiming they’re sorry for all the hurt and trouble they’ve caused with the re-signing of such a controversial figure.

They added that re-signing her wasn’t an easy decision. The organization is still trying to maintain the safety of its LGBT players, as well as allow for the existence of an inclusive and respectful place for the entirety of the team.

Daniels herself spoke up on Twitter, assuring her followers that she loves all sorts of people, regardless of their religious beliefs or sexuality; although it’s obvious she was forced into making such a statement by the organization.

The left’s dedication to “revolutionizing” sports has taken many of these entertaining activities over the edge, ultimately causing them to lose a large amount of their following over an insignificant PR stunt.

Thankfully, Daniels is aware of their deceptive business model. She stated she will be sticking to her beliefs; although she’s willing to make some compromises for the sake of her teammates.

The LGBTQ “militia” is, if nothing, very good at strong-arming any public opponent they might have into submission…

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.