New York’s Lawless Democrats Cross the Line

The situation in blue states is continuing to spin out of control. Crime rates are skyrocketing and liberal politicians are appeasing criminals.

It’s gotten so bad that state politics in places like New York have become just as polarized as national politics.

We hear from our liberal mainstream media about how political division is being caused by conservatives, but the truth is it’s the opposite. The far left has simply gone too far, and not everyone is prepared to sit back and take it.

The latest case comes out of New York City where cashless bail laws of Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul have turned the city into a den of roving psychopaths and cop killers.

Carjacking Gone Wrong

In 2020, Detective First Grade Ryan Hines was attacked by repeat carjacker Matthew Garcia.

At the time, Hines was investigating robberies and located Garcia in a stolen sports car. Hines asked him to exit the vehicle and notified Garcia that he was under arrest.

Garcia ignored him, so Hines reached in to pull him out. It was then that Garcia drove his car while pinning Hines and tried to crush the officer against his own patrol car.

Garcia managed to slam Hines’ leg between the two cars, completely shattering his leg. This led directly to Hines’ retirement; he was too seriously injured and in need of extensive therapies and recovery to continue working.

During the investigation, it later emerged that Garcia was out without bail and had an ankle monitor. Though he just waited for the battery to run out and then went out and jacked more cars.

Earlier on the same day in April 2020, Garcia stole a different car and smashed into another cop following him at the time, causing that officer to smash into a tree and sustain minor injuries.

Then, later that day, he carried out his savage attack on Hines.

Garcia Trial Starts Tomorrow

Garcia is finally going on trial starting tomorrow.

As Nassau County Republican Bruce Blakeman said, New York has a “pandemic” caused by Hochul’s “woke” justice rules and ordinary people are paying the price.

While Hochul and her friends hide behind high-security gates and armed guards, regular New Yorkers are prey for all the criminals they released to score woke points.

Cashless bail is one of the most dangerous policies that exists in America today. It was put through to allow low-income criminals to get out without paying bail.

Garcia was out without paying bail and is wanted in connection to five other carjackings in the few days surrounding the attack on Hines.

The Bottom Line

The insanity needs to stop. Democrats putting through these kinds of laws can’t be permitted to hold state or federal power for the safety of all Americans.