New York Times Journalist Calls Trump Supporters ‘Enemies of the State’

Anyone who thinks the only problem with the New York Times is that it’s leftist and hates conservatives doesn’t know the half of it. The New York Times is an arm of the globalist ideology and the evil Chinese Communist Party.

There’s no better example than NYT reporter Katie Benner, a despicable liberal shill who joined the Times in 2015 directly after her job for the CCP-run Beijing Review. She raised eyebrows recently for saying Trump supporters should be labeled “enemies of the state.”

Well, I’m sure Xi Jinping and Mao Zedong would love that, Katie. 

Showing Your Communist Roots

Benner’s latest work attacks Texas Governor Greg Abbott over not allowing illegals to transport through his state. It makes sense she is against it, since Abbott follows the Constitution and loves America, and Benner follows the twisted leftist ideology and appears to love China. 

Benner said that the January 6 commission brings up a “dilemma” because Americans don’t believe in using the power of the government to persecute a political party or ideology; however, when “a politician” appears to “threaten the state,” then obviously, it becomes allowable to note they are “enemies of the state.”

This is NYT-liberal-commie speak for: Trump supporters are terrorists and we should throw them in jail and lock away the key. This communist shill went on Twitter to let out her hate and admit what she really thinks about real America.

She hates it. She deleted the tweets later, saying she’d phrased some things “unclearly,” but trust me Katie, we all picked up what you were putting down, you traitor. 

Traitors in the Fake News Media are Trying to Gaslight This Country

Benner and her ilk are par for the course. Disloyal liberal fanatics who want to paint everyone who marched on Jan. 6 as a traitor and who welcome the coming globalist government and crackdown. 

As American journalist Glenn Greenwald noted, Benner’s demonic words showed exactly the Biden regime’s attempt to use “security state power” to turn Trump supporters into “enemies of the state.”

Benner and crew may want to gaslight us and tell us how evil we are, but this is a game they might want to think twice about. 

Here’s why: We’ve all been holding back on them. The disloyal liberal shills and CCP-linked traitors infesting our government and media are the real enemies of the state…and they don’t deserve to hold positions of power or spew their propaganda to us. 

Do they really want to see what kind of a boycott happens when patriotic Americans band together against evil? We’ll see Benner homeless sleeping in a cardboard box if I get my way. There are consequences for supporting liberal fascism, Katie, and God willing, you’re about to lose your paychecks and your position.