New York State is Now Recycling Human Beings

Every day, it seems like a new idea comes out from the far left that’s worse than the last.

A perfect example of this is the recycling of human beings. The latest state to take this up is New York. The Empire State will allow people to turn their dead loved ones into compost.

Human Composting

This subject is a little bit morbid, but it’s not us who’s suggesting composting human beings.

This process is also named “organic reduction.” The basic idea is you put a dead body in a box full of microbes on purpose to turn it into compostable soil that can be used for crops, gardens, and nitrifying the soil.

Leftists say this is a way to help the environment and bring the body back to its earthly origins. To be sure, when bodies die they decompose and stop being whole.

Though the idea of specifically turning a body into compost and scattering it around to grow carrots or turnips is a very odd idea.

It takes the idea of the body as a purely material item with no value beyond the earth. Life is just a materialistic process.

Healing the Climate With Corpses?

Making the soil better quality is obviously a worthwhile goal. Better soil means better food, less toxic emissions, and less use of pesticides and harmful fertilizers.

Though should our bodies really just become compost? For those who believe that we have souls that live after the death of the body, the body is still something to be respected.

It’s part of why Catholics and Jews, for example, do not cremate the body after death. This isn’t just about random policymakers deciding to do something controversial. It’s very much a cultural thing in leftist states.

If you want proof, look at where human composting is already happening: Washington, Vermont, Oregon, and Colorado. Add New York to the list.

The Bottom Line

Even for those who consider the body to purely be a piece of meat, using it as compost is quite a disturbing idea. Helping the earth may be a noble objective, but there are many other ways to do it.

Perhaps the most disturbing thing about these developments is the way they fit into a wider ideology of the progressive left.

This ideology sees human beings as a problem and a disease in the world. We are a burden on nature and should seek to erase our “carbon footprint” and burden as much as possible.

Seeing that extend even into death shows how this leftist ideology has become almost a death cult and an obsession with continually minimizing the imprint of our human life in every way.

Sometimes it seems these people would rather humans disappear altogether from the very start.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.