New York Governor Debate Exposes Horrible Truth About Governor Kathy Hochul

With the midterm elections less than two weeks away, voters are getting an intense look at the truth about the candidates.

One place where the mask is being ripped off is in New York’s governor race, where incumbent Democrat Kathy Hochul is up against Republican challenger Lee Zeldin.

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The two candidates had a debate on Tuesday evening and went up against each other on many issues. The moment the whole state gasped was when Hochul responded to Zeldin about crime.

Hochul’s Worst Debate Moment in Decades

Hochul shocked everyone when she demanded to know why Zeldin cares so much to put criminals in prison. New York currently has the highest crime rate in decades which has been made worse by bail reform and going soft on criminals.

As Zeldin said, he doesn’t get why Hochul is so unconcerned with the “crime emergency” that’s gripping his state.

Hochul said bail reform is fine and Zeldin is too obsessed with the issue, adding that she doesn’t understand why it’s “so important” to him to put criminals behind bars.

Zeldin pointed out this is exactly why Hochul eroded so much “trust” among voters in New York.

It Gets Worse…

Hochul’s not just unconcerned about skyrocketing crime and letting poor criminals walk the streets without bail.

She’s also been accused of very serious corruption, including buying COVID tests for the state of New York that were massively over-priced for $637 million and ending the competition to bid.

The company she bought them from is owned by a major donor who’d just thrown a large party to raise money for her. Then, she buys his tests for way more than they’re worth? It sounds fishy!

Denying the “pay to play” scheme is how Hochul argued. She also denied that there was any issue with her shelling out $600 million in state money to build a brand-new stadium in her city of Buffalo so the Bills could play in a nicer place.

It’s worth mentioning that Hochul’s spouse, William Hochul, is involved in the management selling snacks and drinks for the Bills. He would massively profit from increased business a new stadium would bring.

This woman is crooked as a three-dollar bill.

The Current Polls

The current polls show Zeldin and Hochul both tied around 45%.

Hochul turned a blind eye to the economic and crime reality facing New York voters, trying to paint Zeldin as bad, due to him opposing abortion and being pro-Trump.

There are plenty of New Yorkers who will see that as a good thing. Hochul’s clear corruption and obsession with remaining in power are turning off more voters every day.

Zeldin stands a good shot at winning this race and needs to keep reminding voters of just how corrupt and unsafe a Hochul governorship is for New York residents.