New Trump Rally in Iowa Leaves Biden Staggering

We still don’t know if President Trump is running in 2024, but we got a pretty good teaser on Saturday night. During a great speech in Des Moines, Iowa, Trump hinted he could be running.

He said his new campaign slogan could be ‘Make America Great Again, Again.’ Now if that’s not clever, I don’t know what is.

In any case, the packed crowd loved what Trump was doing up there on stage and it was a patriotic event. Some of what Trump said got people really fired up; he was telling the truth about how much trouble this country is in under Joe Biden and his crew of miscreant extremists.

A Great Night for a Rally

During his speech, Trump focused on how important Iowa will be for the GOP to win back control of Congress and take the White House in 2024. The GOP is already close to retaking control; with the way the Democrats have been governing, things are looking very good for conservatives.

Nonetheless, with all the monkey business that’s been going on, we can never be too careful. It’s important we have a landslide next year so that Democrats are sent packing and get a clear message from the American people.

Joe Biden is very unpopular in Iowa, with a 31% approval rating. Trump’s approval rating in Iowa is 53%. Those are good numbers.

The rally started with a plane that trailed a banner saying “Let’s Go, Brandon!” This is part of an ongoing joke. The joke started because a reporter last week tried to say fans were yelling “Let’s Go, Brandon!” about Brandon Brown at NASCAR.

They were actually chanting “F*** Joe Biden!” Trust me, this crowd in Des Moines got the joke…

What Did Trump Say?

Trump said Biden is a complete failure who is causing massive inflation, which Trump called “stag-flation!” He also said Biden is becoming increasingly tyrannical with things like letting the IRS look through anyone’s private financial records.

According to Trump, Biden’s plan for America is “monstrous” and extremely dangerous for America. He also called out Biden’s border failures, noting all Biden had to do to avoid the current crisis was “go to the beach.”

Instead, Biden turfed all of Trump’s great border policies and left the situation as an absolute nightmare. On Afghanistan, Trump slammed Biden, saying it is the “most embarrassing” thing which has ever happened in American history.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is that America needs more Trump in its life. Trump didn’t even pull punches for the GOP, either; he slammed Mitch McConnell for letting the debt ceiling go up until early December.

They need to grow a “spine,” Trump said. He’s absolutely right. So, let’s get the hats rolling off the presses: MAGAA (Make America Great Again, Again). What do you think?