New Study Shows That Medical Marijuana is Bogus

We hear a lot of activism in favor of medical marijuana in this country. Products like CBD oil and low-potency medical pot are now legal in many states and recommended for various medical conditions.

Disagreeing with this or with the use of marijuana in general, is usually a very unpopular position to take.

However, the truth about medical pot is that it’s basically useless; the truth about recreational pot is that it’s psychological poison.

Here’s why…

New Study Upsets Potheads

A new study from Massachusetts General Hospital has potheads very upset because it shows those who use medical pot often end up addicted and with no actual alleviation of their symptoms.

This is especially true of problems such as anxiety, depression and pain. The medical cannabis doesn’t help to actually treat these conditions and, in many cases, makes them worse, according to the study.

Many states allow medical pot as a way to supposedly help those struggling with pain, and advocates claim it is much safer than drugs such as opiates or mainstream pain medication.

Speaking about the study, Professor Jodi Gilman said the evidence is clear.

Other than helping people sleep, medical pot didn’t help those who were highly anxious or depressed in any provable way. This study was done by randomizing who was given medical pot and then looking at symptoms later on after a set period of three months.

Medical Cannabis in the United States

In the US, medical cannabis is increasingly available. With a permission slip from a doctor, you can go get loaded up with pot from licensed dispensaries.

The growing popularity of medical pot should be concerning to those who believe in science, since there’s no evidence hitting your brain with mind-killing chemicals somehow helps your brain.

It’s just the opposite, in fact. From memory loss to mental illness, cannabis is far from a harmless substance; it is a dangerous and unpredictable treatment.

In addition to medical pot, CBD oil and cannabis-derived products have shown some success in alleviating seizures and dealing with pain. However, it’s important to keep in mind they don’t contain the psychoactive ingredient of marijuana, THC.

The proven effects of THC are very unpredictable. They have an increasing link to serious mental illnesses including schizophrenia, panic disorder, paranoid delusion disorder, and full-blown psychosis and depression.

Doctors generally treat cannabis-caused mental illness as something that would have happened anyway; although there is no proof the millions who’ve become mentally ill from using pot would have been otherwise.

The Bottom Line

While CBD products have some proven effects in treating illness, medical pot and use of pot for mental or physical problems is unscientific and dangerous.

Medical professionals who advocate its use should be stripped of their license.