New Stricter Rules Kick in for Floridians Claiming Unemployment Benefits

Welcome To Florida Sign by DonkeyHotey is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Being unemployed is difficult and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

Having no job and source of income is humiliating; it lowers you down to the bottom layers of society, crushing your morale, and your ability to pay for the basics. 

That’s the reason unemployment benefits exist: to give you a leg to stand on while you actively look for a new job and do your best to get back into the workforce.

The problem happens when people start not wanting to work and want handouts instead. 

Liberals and leftists will tell you that’s a myth: just greedy capitalists who don’t get what it’s like to be poor or out of work.

They’re wrong. It happens and in fact, it’s currently happening a lot. Businesses are struggling to find new employees while people coast off unemployment benefits and stimulus checks instead of showing up and working. 

Now Florida – whose Governor Ron DeSantis is leading the way as usual on protecting and strengthening this nation in the face of Biden’s tyranny – is cracking down on unemployment fraud. 

Greg Looking Over a Handout by handcoding is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Cracking Down on Unemployment Fraud

If you want to collect unemployment benefits in Florida there’s a new and simple catch: you have to prove you’re actually looking for a job. 


If you want unemployment, you need to show proof that you’ve sent at least five job applications per week and signed up with local job search centers. 

These changes aren’t just DeSantis being a big old mean Republican: they’re logical, considering the state is currently facing a big shortage of workers, particularly in the hospitality and restaurant industry. 

Half a year ago under lockdowns, the demand for labor was lower and it was harder to find work. Now the market’s wide open and humming, looking for new staff and willing to pay fair wages. If you still don’t want to work that’s your business, but you’re not going to be raking in government handouts as easily in any case. 

At the moment in Florida, you can collect $275 in state unemployment and $300 in federal unemployment weekly. That’s nothing to sneeze at: it adds up to $2,300 per month. These are additional COVID increases that are going to reduce in September, but by putting the brakes on this even earlier, DeSantis is showing just how intelligent and courageous he is. 

This is exactly what the economy needs right now for a real jumpstart: not the fake feel-good rhetoric of Biden, not the lies of Tony Fauci and the medical establishment, not the excuses of progressives. 

The economy needs workers and it needs a crackdown on people who are gaming the system. 

‘We Have an Abundance of Job Openings’

As DeSantis said of his reasoning, there is an “abundance” of available jobs in the Sunshine State and when it comes to unemployment checks, they’re meant to be temporary, not ongoing.

He’s absolutely correct. DeSantis also said “businesses want to hire more people” before pointing out that there are “surplus jobs” all over the great state of Florida. 

These new rules are smart and DeSantis is right to have put them in place.