New Stories Paint Disturbing Picture of Life Working for Kamala Harris

News came out recently about the abusive work environment under VP Kamala Harris, but now it gets even worse. New victims have gone on the record about just how bad things are under Harris and just how far back it goes.

Former assistants to Harris say she was verbally and psychologically abusive, all the way back to her time working as the District Attorney for San Francisco. Is anyone really surprised?

Harris’ Brutal Road to Power

Harris rose up from District Attorney in San Francisco to become a prosecutor; she then became Attorney General of California, a U.S. senator and now (God help us) vice president of the country.

By working well within the Democrat machine and its many male members, Harris seized power and continued her path of awful behavior to everyone around her. 

Can you even imagine what her depressed looking husband goes through on a daily basis? Two of Harris’ senior staff in her current office as VP just quit; there’s also a trail of folks who’ve quit behind her as well. 

Nobody likes to work for an abusive witch. 

How Bad Are the New Accusations Against Harris?

They are very, very bad. A professor at California State University in Sacramento called Barbara O’Connor says that she helped interns who were working at Harris’ office as California Attorney General find new jobs. 

She said at least two dozen came to her in tears over the horrible atmosphere under Harris. Many former Harris workers have had to go to therapy; they also report having serious “trauma” from abusive behavior on the job. This includes brutal scolding and an arrogant, unappreciative atmosphere. 

There have also been legal settlements where Harris had to pay out, including to a top aide called Terri Carbaugh who got $34,900 from Harris. When asked about what happened with Carbaugh, Harris’ office dodged the question.

According to the vice president’s office, they are focused on “the Biden-Harris Administration’s agenda” and “fighting climate change.”

The Biden Administration Responds

So far, the Biden administration has only ignored the reports; meanwhile, Senior Adviser Cedric Richmond says these reports are just a “whisper campaign” meant to bring Harris down. 

It’s kind of hilarious how disrespectful that is to the victims of Harris’ years of abuse; that’s especially considering Democrats pretend to “believe all women” and care about harassment and abusive behavior. 

What a bunch of frauds. Biden said early on that anyone engaging in abusive behavior and language towards people in his administration would be fired “on the spot.”

When is the pink slip coming for Harris? We all know that with the liberal media’s worship of her and Biden’s senility, the firing she richly deserves is not coming anytime soon. 

In any case only the U.S. Congress has the power to begin procedures to remove the VP. However, there is no way the Democrat-run Congress we currently have would do that. They’d rather leave this abusive woman in power.