New Stab-Proof Safety Vest Could ‘Save Your Life’

A newly developed safety vest may turn out to be a “lifesaver,” even for ordinary people in crime-ridden neighborhoods. It has been shown in a video described as “terrifying” to be entirely resistant to stabbing and powerful blows with various hand-wielded weapons.

Shocking Video of Life-Saving Gear

With crime rates of various natures rising in the wake of the harshest phases of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States and other western nations, people may be prepared to resort to various security measures.

A video of a stab-proof safety vest showing the protective gear to be “indestructible” has emerged and gone viral on Twitter, “shocking” multiple users, The Sun reported.

The video demonstrates how a person wearing the safety vest remains completely unharmed after multiple stabs and blows with knives, machetes, or bats.

The indestructible vest video was posted on a Twitter account called “Daily Loud” earlier this week, capturing the attention of millions of users.

The account itself has over one million followers, but the stab-proof vest video raked in 5.5 million views in the first 48 hours after its posting.

The safety vest in question was developed by a company called PPSS Group, which is based in the United Kingdom. The British firm specializes in producing and developing protective clothing and body armor.

The video says its new product, the black anti-stabbing safety vest, could “save your life.”

The personal safety gear that the PPSS Group makes provides protection from gunshots, edged weapons, blunt force trauma, hypodermic needles, and human bites, among others.

Seems Great for the New York Subway

The stab-proof vest video that has taken Twitter by storm shows the presumed victim, a young man wearing the protective clothing, as he is being attacked with various weapons – a knife, a machete, and a baseball bat.

Each time the attacker attempts multiple blows to the body of the victim, but to no avail – the person wearing the vest appears ultimately to be completely unharmed.

The report notes the body armor vest shown in the striking clip was made out of a material called auxilam.

The material in question is described as a carbon fiber composite. According to the PPSS Group, it would protect the vest’s wearer from stabbing, slashing, or swatting weapons.

The video explains that a typical human would die from an impact of 50 joules, the vest protects the wearer from blows measuring up to 100 joules in force.

Even though it protects multiple vital human body organs, the vest weighs only 3.7 pounds and is described as “ultra-thin.”

It even has a zip-less design hampering an attacker’s attempt to remove it easily from the presumed victim’s body.

The video caused thousands of comments, with some wondering whether the stab-proof vest would be legal to wear, while others noting that New Yorkers riding the subway may be eager to get it.