New Rule COVID Rule Coming Could Make it Difficult to Leave Your State

Dr. Tony Fauci has become a name that all Americans dread to hear. He’s lied and misled this country since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, suppressing cures and lying about masks and vaccines.

Now, he has a new announcement about COVID restrictions that could be coming inside the United States. This is going to make all patriots steaming mad.

No Vax, No Flight

Speaking recently in an interview, Fauci said it’s “reasonable” to put in a domestic travel rule where only vaccinated people can fly inside the US. This would basically trap you in your state, unless you drive out of it.

Fauci talked about how people should be staying away from New Year’s Eve celebrations and any large parties; he said it will be necessary to “seriously” look at getting everyone vaccinated before they are allowed to travel inside the US.

Although airline industry experts say they haven’t been informed of a mandate for domestic flights coming in, the fact Fauci is saying things like this is worrisome.

Everyone who supports liberty knows these kinds of words are a warm-up for fascism. We also know it can quickly become more than just talk.

No unvaccinated foreign national can even transit through the United States unless they are vaccinated, ever since Joe Biden put in a rule on November 8.

A Repeat of 2020?

At this point, health authorities are warning hospitals could be overrun and collapse again. They are saying even though omicron doesn’t seem to have as serious symptoms, far too many people are catching it and going to hospitals.

This includes many people without symptoms, but who test themselves and get scared when they test positive.

What’s not mentioned as much is these people are scared because liberal politicians and media propaganda are making them scared. This then results in our hospitals being swamped.

Also, our hospitals are short staffed because many medical staff who are unvaxxed have been fired or forced to resign.

The Bottom Line

We can’t afford to believe a word Fauci says, but we still need to take what he says seriously. When he drops hints like this, we can see a dark preview of the possible future.

Domestic vaccine passes are the next stage in the globalist plan. Even though the vaccine does nothing to stop omicron, they want to keep infringing on our Constitution bit by bit.

Patriots have to speak out and stand up to stop the evil actions of these people. In the end, we can hope airlines don’t comply because of the business they would lose by putting this rule in place.

However, there’s also always the chance that Biden and the Democrats will pay airlines off to put this in place. Be on guard.