New Poll Reveals People’s True Opinion on Biden

The only person doing a worse job than President Biden is Vice President Kamala Harris. 

However, a new poll shows that the story the mainstream media is telling you about Biden’s decent approval ratings means nothing. 

In fact, it doesn’t even get at the real issue; here’s the real issue:

Most Americans do not believe that Biden is in charge of the United States.

Shocking Poll Reveals Truth

As President Trump said at a recent Independence Day weekend rally in Sarasota, Florida, everyone wants to know who’s in charge of Biden. 

The president is clearly not well and has some form of neurological decline or senility.

Although, apart from that, Biden’s also obviously being used as a Trojan horse to push some kind of globalist or far left-wing, anti-freedom agenda. 

The new poll from the Trafalgar Group revealed that 56% of Americans believe Biden isn’t in charge of the country. 

The doubters aren’t just Republicans or conservatives, either. A whopping 42% of Democrats agree Biden isn’t steering the ship. 

As for Republicans? 89% say Biden’s not in charge.

Independents? 58%. 

These are obviously huge numbers, and they are actually reassuring because they show that Americans across the political spectrum are paying attention. 

Who’s Running Biden?

So like Trump said, inquiring minds want to know: who’s running Biden?

First of all, we can say that on the ground level, Biden’s handlers are running Biden. These are his staffers, his personal assistants (body men), the people organizing his schedule, and his various scriptwriters and helpers. 

They make sure he gets where he needs to, combs his hair and says the words, but who’s writing those scripts and running the real agenda?

I think we all know:

It’s the same people who went crazy opposing Trump for four years; they’re the same ones who led us into wars that have no clear objective, tanked this economy while bailing out banks, support LGBT indoctrination in schools and want to destroy our history. 

Call them globalists, the Deep State, far-left progressives, communists or the “establishment,” if you want. 

The point is that powerfully funded foundations, policy organizations, ideological billionaires and others are running Biden. 

Their goal? A fully-controlled, domesticated and neutralized United States where freedom is just a nostalgic memory of the past and you don’t do anything from drive to eat a burger without their specific permission. 

Biden Wants to Run Again in 2024?

Biden has said he plans to run again in 2024. 

Let’s have some compassion for the guy and let him retire gracefully. 

At this point we have to say those famous words that many bosses have had to tell their employees in as nice a way as they can:

“We’re sorry, but we just don’t think you’re going to be a fit for this job.”