New Insane Announcement by Biden About When We Can Go Back to ‘Normal’ from COVID

Since the beginning of the pandemic, our health authorities and government told us we could eventually go back to normal. Then, they moved the goalposts over and over.

We could go back to normal after two weeks; then after just a bit longer, then after herd immunity, then after 70% were vaccinated.

Now we have a new answer straight from the lips of our senile commander-in-chief Joe Biden: we can go back to normal when 98% of Americans are vaccinated.

Yes, he actually said that.

Biden Bluffs While Getting Booster Shot

While getting his booster shot like a good little globalist, Biden did a rare thing: he answered a reporter’s question. In response to being asked when things can return to normal, Biden said maybe when “97%, 98%” of Americans get vaccinated.

Then, he focused on the unvaccinated and said they’re the problem. That’s even though vaccinated people are still catching and spreading the virus widely; many are getting seriously ill and being hospitalized.

The hospitalizations also include horrific side effects from the vaccine, which have been widely documented by medical professionals.

What Does Back to ‘Normal’ Mean, Anyway?

It’s hard to remember what normal was before the WHO and communists hit us with the Kung Flu and started killing off our populations.

One thing is for sure: with the vaccine about to be available to children under 12-years-old, we are going to see increasing numbers, and increasing pressure, for every single person to get the shot.

Yet, the fact is that the 35% to 40% of the country that doesn’t want the vaccine is not going to bend. Currently 55% of the US is fully vaccinated and 64.5% has one shot.

In Australia, they have gone into a full bio-fascist police state and now saying there will never be a return to normal.

Biden claiming there could be if everyone gets the shot is just the words of an abuser trying to toy with his victims.

We’re not going back to normal with these folks in power…especially since the vaccine barely works and causes many horrific side effects, including miscarriages and myocarditis.

Vaccine Holdouts Are Not Going to Comply

The truth is that people who don’t want the vaccine are already off the train. They’re not listening to Biden, and even President Trump’s advice to get the vaccine is not going to sway their personal medical decisions.

If Trump feels best with the shot, that is his business. The bottom line here is those of us who’ve been paying attention know Biden isn’t for real here.

Already, universities where everyone is vaxxed are going back to remote classes because the vaccine isn’t stopping people from getting seriously ill.

We’re never getting to 98% vaccinated, and even if we do, you can be absolutely sure they would move the goalposts again and require a new, much more burdensome, regulation to return to “normal.”