New Hunter Biden Laptop With Even Worse Stuff Discovered

During the 2020 election, news of Hunter Biden’s laptop was censored by big tech like Twitter. They claimed it was “Russian propaganda” and that the perverted sex acts, drug use and potential illegal activity on the laptop wasn’t important.

Now a newly-recovered video shows Hunter talking to a prostitute about a second laptop with even more explicit sex recorded on it. The newly-found four minute video is from January of 2019; in it, Hunter says to the hooker that the other laptop has him doing “f—ing crazy” sexual acts.

However, Hunter said Russian drug dealers stole the second laptop from him while he was passed out in a pool and needed an ambulance. He said the theft happened in 2018.

Three Laptops?

Hunter Biden can’t seem to stop losing laptops full of his deviant activities all over them. The 51-year-old disaster left one laptop at a computer repair store in Delaware, had another taken by investigators, and now is referring to this third laptop.

If this other laptop is true that now makes three. In the video, Hunter is telling the sex worker that he’s worried the videos could be used as blackmail, because his dad is running for president. Joe Biden announced he was running several months after the video in April 2019.

Where Was the New Video Found?

The new video of Hunter whining to a prostitute about his issues with the stolen laptop was found on a hard drive from the laptop left at the Delaware repair place. The New York Post was the first to report on the bombshell discovery of the repair shop laptop, but was censored by our treasonous liberal media.

They were censored for one simple reason: the footage of Hunter doing drugs and having sex with prostitutes would have possibly lost Joe Biden the election. The laptop was also stuffed full of information about Hunter’s money-making ventures abroad; moreover, it had videos of him doing crack and having sex with someone who may have been underage.

Things Are Going Well for Hunter

In addition to his recent book Beautiful Things, Hunter Biden has a career as a growing artist. He’s made a career off being the son of Joe Biden; Hunter’s gone around the world abusing prostitutes and drugs, so it’s no surprise that he’d try to make more money off his name.

Hunter is selling mediocre paintings for half a million each and is being represented by a pro-Chinese art dealer called Georges Berges. We shouldn’t be surprised about this new video.

We’re living under a very corrupt regime, and the sons and daughters of the elite are often completely degenerate. Let’s hope that diligent work is done by investigators to try to find the missing laptop and recover exactly what is on it.