New Development Emerges in Hunter Biden Scandals

Hunter Biden is under a lot of scrutiny these days. It appears as though the president’s son broke numerous laws pertaining to firearm acquisition, taxes, business practices, and more.

Meanwhile, Hunter is also being accused of failing to meet certain child support requirements.

While Hunter is under investigation, some reports have indicated that top-level government officials are working behind the scenes to make sure he avoids accountability.

However, according to the New York Post, when it comes to his child support obligations, Hunter may also be seeking a workaround.

Hiding Out at the White House?

Hunter fathered a daughter with ex-stripper Lunden Roberts. However, despite this fact, the first son hasn’t turned over mandatory records of his finances. These records would be used for the purposes of making sure Roberts receives the necessary child support for their daughter.

Now, Roberts is also pushing for Hunter to be jailed until he hands over the records that the court mandated him to hand over.

It’s also believed that the first son is potentially taking up residence at the White House in order to avoid being legally served. Adding credence to this theoery is the fact that Hunter’s been seen accompanying his father on multiple trips.

Though in 2022, Hunter did manage to request that the court lower the child support he has to pay for his daughter.

Time to Face the Music

Social media has not reacted warmly to this latest scandal involving Hunter Biden. The overwhelming view here is that the first son needs to face the music and quit trying to dodge child support payments.

Questions have also been raised about whether Hunter could be breaking the law if it does turn out that he’s chosen to live in the White House as a means of avoiding Roberts.

This news is coming to the forefront as Joe Biden just announced he’s running for a second presidential term.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.