New Details Come Out About Man Who Tried to Attack Tucker Carlson in Public

Tucker Carlson has been one of the leading voices in America standing up for freedom and truth. That’s why he’s in the sights of the Biden regime. Video came out of Tucker being insulted in public by a stranger who followed him around a fly fishing store in a small town in Montana and tried to get him to react. 

The man called Tucker “the worst human being” in the world and said Tucker was a “fascist” and “extreme racist.” Tucker just laughed and told him to calm down. 

Now new details have come out about this man. It turns out the staged incident was part of something a lot creepier than just an angry liberal airing his dirty laundry in public. 

Deep State Deception

The man who got in Tucker’s face in public is called Dan Bailey. It turns out that he wasn’t just feeling upset about Tucker and decided to go up and insult him. He was part of the Deep State and working for the Biden regime. 

As we all know, Tucker was spied on by the NSA for trying to set up an interview with Vladimir Putin. He exposed it ahead of time and burned them badly, embarrassing their illegal, anti-American activity. 

Now this man, Dan Bailey, came out to try to discredit Tucker in public and it turns out Bailey has deep links to the good old CIA. Yes, you read that right. 

Meet Dan Bailey

Bailey’s background is very shady and full of CIA links. He formerly served in Mongolia as part of a CIA front group called The Asia Foundation (TAF). TAF was started by the CIA in 1951 to expand American soft power in countries around the world.

It has long been known to hide how it gets money, what it uses for and its efforts to engage in “covert activity” including “psychological warfare.” Currently, Bailey’s title is chief of programs at Yellowstone National Parks Conservation Association. 

Was Bailey just an innocent guy who happens to have been mixed up in a CIA front group in the past or did the Biden regime call in a favor and try to get Bailey to mess with Tucker’s head?

I certainly know which way I’m leaning on this one. 

What is Going On?

Was Dan Bailey really doing some side work for the CIA to try to help cause problems for Tucker or is it just a conspiracy theory? The truth will come out in the future days and weeks and we’ll continue to follow the story. 

Tucker Carlson has the right to speak his mind and provide alternative views during this dangerous time. The fact that the Biden regime appears to be trying to embarrass, threaten and find other ways to silence him is shameful and weird as hell.