New Damning Revelations Expose Hunter Biden’s Foreign Corruption

New materials have surfaced exposing alleged corruption, bribery, and influence peddling involving Hunter Biden and, by implication, his father Joe Biden.

This is involving their connections with the regime of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin through the latter’s proxies in Ukraine from over a decade ago.

Joe Biden Fired Ukrainian Prosecutor

Hunter Biden’s lavishly paid service on the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma is well known to the American public. Yet, what often goes unmentioned is that Burisma seems to have been directly linked to Moscow and Putin’s dictatorship.

Burisma’s owner, Nikolay Zlochevsky, a pro-Russian oligarch presently in exile and wanted by the Ukrainian police, was the right hand of Viktor Yanukovych, Ukraine’s then-pro-Russian president, now living in exile in Russia.

Yanukovych is so close to Putin that the latter planned to install him as the puppet leader of Ukraine if the 2022 Russian invasion succeeded in conquering the country.

Some of Hunter Biden’s ties to Moscow are also known. One of his firms has received a $4 million cash payment from the wife of Russian oligarch and late Moscow mayor Yury Luzhkov.

The new revelations, a report by Badlands Media, show during a December 2015 visit in Ukraine, then veep Biden boasted of a “$1 billion loan guarantee” he would have a prosecutor probing Burisma fired, The Gateway Pundit reports.

He bragged about the sacking of the prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, during a panel of the Council on Foreign Relations later. Biden also hinted his then-boss Barack Obama approved of his actions.

Major Conspiracy in Favor of Pro-Putin Figure

The report also exposes email messages, indicating Hunter Biden was involved in efforts to kill off any investigations against pro-Putin oligarch and Burisma owner Nikolay Zlochevky.

The leaked emails expose a long string of actions in which Hunter conspired and discussed with several individuals how to shield Zlochevsky and his company Burisma from any political and legal crackdowns.

Hunter Biden’s helpers in the email threads include former Clinton administration official Sally Painter, connected with the Truman National Security Project, along with others.

They openly discuss in emails how to “support” “Nikolay [Zlochevsky]/Burisma” from the “highest level” of decision-making in the US and Ukraine.

The Ukrainian government’s investigation into Burisma was stopped by the successor of the prosecutor that Biden managed to get fired. Yet, both Zlochevsky and his boss Yanukovych presently are exiled, the latter in Putin’s Russia.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.