New COVID Variant Getting Past Vaccine

If you believe the medical establishment, then the COVID shots are going to save us all. 

The vaccine is so miraculous and effective that anyone who questions it is a crazy and dangerous conspiracy theorist. 

Just get your vaccine, shut the hell up, and go do whatever else Bill Gates says to do. 

Here’s the problem:

The vaccine has numerous awful side effects and the vaccine isn’t protecting people from new variants such as the Delta variant. 

Case-in-point? The most vaccinated country on the planet: Israel. 

Israel’s Surprising New COVID Outbreak

We’ve heard about thousands of vaccinated people in Massachusetts testing positive for COVID; now let’s take a look at Israel where thousands of people are testing positive for COVID, despite having been vaccinated. 

In fact, over 50% of Israeli adults who are showing up positive for COVID received the Pfizer shot. They are testing positive for the ultra-infectious Delta variant. 

At this point, medical experts believe that nine out of every ten new infections in Israel are from the Delta variant, which comes from the dirty streets of India. 

Many of those getting the Delta variant in Israel are kids, but many others are adults who’ve already had the shot. 

The majority of these had no symptoms but it brings up interesting – and disturbing – questions about just how effective the shot really is. What would happen if a more deadly variant breaks through in the future?

Sharp Jump in Case Numbers

Israel is now around 200 new cases per day, a sharp jump up from earlier in the month when it was way back down at ten new cases per day. 

Despite being the most vaccinated country on the planet, health officials are scratching their heads; meanwhile, the government has put mask mandates back in place for everyone who is indoors. 

If you still have to wear a mask indoors and the virus still breaks through, remind me what the purpose of the vaccines is again?

We Want the Truth

The majority of these new cases have been asymptomatic, which appears to show that the vaccine prevents the worst symptoms, even of the Delta variant. 

However, people are not guinea pigs and we deserve to know the truth about vaccines and what they do. 

That includes the potential negative side effects – including worst-case scenarios – and the possibility of new variants breaking through. 

The liberal and corporate news media won’t tell us most of the facts about the potential downsides of vaccines; you have people like Jill Biden out there promoting them like she’s a paid Pfizer saleswoman, so at this point, it falls to independent media to tell the truth. 

The truth is this: we just don’t know. 

mRNA technology is promising and the development of the vaccines is amazing; at this point, however, there is not sufficient testing or proof to know exactly what the long-term side effects or efficacy might be.