Biden’s New Censorship Czar is Off Her Rocker. Here’s Proof…

Joe Biden’s new censorship czar, Nina Jankowicz, is a very odd woman. She also appears to be sexist, pro-censorship, mentally unstable, and treating her new job as a joke.

Internet sleuths have begun uncovering videos of Jankowicz that are quite bizarre. In these videos, she imitates the voices of various people and goes on strange rants about her obsessions.

This young lady who puts Ukraine’s flag before the American flag in her bio has a lot of questions to answer.

Here’s the Issue

There’s nothing wrong with the fact Jankowicz loves community theater and dressing up in various costumes. That’s well known. Good for her!

The part that is relevant to her job here is how she put out numerous videos mocking and demonizing men, revealed her strong bias against conservatives, and went on extended bizarre musical video logs about how disinformation is whatever the left doesn’t agree with.

This woman will be working in a place called the Disinformation Governance Board inside the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). She’ll have immense power to tell Americans what’s true and try to block our access to certain information.

Finding out that she’s incredibly biased, strange, and has a strong personal agenda hating men online that could interfere with her duties, is troubling, to say the least.

However, going back to basics, there shouldn’t be a Ministry of Truth in the first place in the United States, nor should there be a head disinformation czar.

Jankowicz’s Book

We don’t really need to guess what Biden’s new censorship queen believes. She wrote it all down in detail in her book How to Be a Woman Online: Surviving Abuse and Harassment, and How to Fight.

The book is all about how many men online are intolerable jerks and how women need to stand up to them and humiliate and belittle them in order to survive.

Regardless of whether you agree or not, Jankowicz clearly has a huge chip on her shoulder. Now, she’ll get to comb through people’s internet search history and pressure platforms not to allow certain information to be shared?

That sounds a lot like a disaster to me.

Jankowicz has already made it clear she thinks the Hunter Biden laptop scandal is a Russian plot that isn’t real. She’s made it clear she buys every single bit of the official COVID and vaccine narrative. She’s made it clear she’s a leftist lapdog.

Now, she’s being handed the keys to the internet by a senile old man and his psychotic harridan VP Kamala Harris (who Jankowicz also worships, by the way).

The Bottom Line

Somebody get this woman a part in Oliver Twist and keep her as far away as possible from any leadership position in our federal government or security agencies.