New Bombshells Revealed About US Feds and January 6

This year, new information about the January 6 protests has truly come to light. Fox News host Tucker Carlson shared with the American public footage of the protests that directly contradicts claims from Democrats and the mainstream media.

Naturally, there has been a lot of backlash against this footage being made public. Some critics claim that it feeds into conspiracy theories, whereas others say it puts folks at risk.

However, the release of the footage very strongly supports the case that says all is not as it seems when it comes to the reporting of January 6.

Currently, brand new information about what happened that day has been revealed, as reported by the Gateway Pundit.

A Closer Look at the Facts

New details from the Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF), along with testimony from FBI officials themselves, reveals Trump supporters were under surveillance on January 6 and in the period leading up to this date.

To be specific, the FBI relied on geo-tracking to keep up with those who went to the US Capitol over two years ago. Cell phone data made this geo-tracking very easy; therefore, it would appear that Trump supporters were, in fact, set up by those who wanted them to walk into a trap.

The FBI has also claimed that certain areas around the Capitol were restricted on January 6. However, it’s been reported there were no signs or any other markers to indicate that certain spaces were off-limits.

Documents showing reports belonging to Capitol Police likewise reveal that these officials knew of planned protests by January 6 demonstrators.

More Breaking News to Come?

There is a very real possibility that what we all now know about January 6 barely even scratches the surface. There are still so many layers to what transpired over two years ago, what officials were truly made aware of, and more.

In spite of these new developments, there are still many folks who sit in jail to this day, due to their involvement in the January 6 protests. Some of these people are still waiting for their day before a judge so they can have the chance to make their case in court.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy previously confirmed he’ll eventually give all news outlets access to the footage he has from January 6. Whether or not this results in more details or bombshells being released remains to be seen.

However, the latest developments that confirm what many Americans suspected all along aren’t going away any time soon.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.