New Accusations Drop Against ‘Perverted’ CNN

CNN wants to act like it’s a serious news organization. The problem is every day, CNN exposes just how twisted and corrupt it is in every way imaginable.

It’s not just the recent firing of host Chris Cuomo for trying to help his brother Andrew Cuomo dodge sexual harassment accusations; that’s the least of it.

A quick look at CNN’s team shows a group of perverted individuals whose behavior wouldn’t pass muster in any real news organization. Here’s the rundown.

CNN: Perverted Clown News Network

First off, you have host Don Lemon. He’s facing sexual assault charges, stemming from an incident in which Lemon reportedly cornered a man called Dustin Hice in a New York bar and began harassing him.

According to Hice, Lemon rubbed his hands around his genitals and forcibly pushed Hice’s head back to smell the odor of his penis. The whole time he demanded whether Hice would engage in sexual activity with him.

The case is still pending, but as Hice said, CNN is full of “predators and perverts.” Then, you get to CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, who is back on the network, despite being caught masturbating during a Zoom call.

Instead of facing real consequences, Toobin is now welcomed back. If you want more on Toobin, look up his affair with Casey Greenfield. Toobin offered his mistress money for an abortion when she got pregnant and then threatened her if she didn’t go through with it.

When she had the child, he refused to say it was his until paternity tests proved it and he was forced to pay child support. Real stand-up guy, wouldn’t you say? Well, he’s welcome at CNN…

A ‘Predator-Protecting’ System

As Hice said, CNN is basically a “predator-protecting” system that’s designed to shield abusers. Lemon worked hand-in-hand with CNN’s team of powerful lawyers to basically threaten and “grind” down Hice, trying to bully and silence him.

They hate the truth at CNN, as we all know. It will be interesting to see Lemon under oath, except we all know he will probably lie with no effort.

Then we get to the unemployed Cuomo brothers, where Chris Cuomo worked behind the scenes to cover up for Andrew’s alleged sexual misdemeanors. Andrew reportedly groped basically every second woman he came across.

Chris then did his best to cover it up and now claims it is a “Republican” conspiracy.

The Bottom Line

CNN has all sorts of people who you wouldn’t allow to be alone with your kids.

It’s not a normal news network; it’s a house of strange and perverted clowns who shove out leftist propaganda and hate America. Tune out and turn it off. Block everything that CNN does or says. Your life will be better for it.