NBC Faces Criticism Following Reporter’s Controversial Tweet About Nashville Shooting

Benjamin Ryan, a freelance writer for NBC News, was heavily criticized for publishing a now-deleted tweet.

It appeared to link the horrific shooting incident at a Christian school in Nashville to the Daily Wire and its famous contributors, Ben Shapiro and Matt Walsh.

Delete and Backlash

Ryan, who has previously written for The NY Times, Reuters, as well as The Washington Post, tweeted on Monday following the massacre at the Covenant School in Nashville, which resulted in the deaths of six people, including three children.

The shooter, transgender woman Audrey Elizabeth Hale, was murdered by police officers. Ryan’s post appeared to imply that the Daily Wire’s anti-trans position and its location in Nashville may have inspired the attack.

Ryan swiftly deleted the post after receiving social media reactions.

One Twitter user accused him of having a clear goal, stating seven people, including the shooter, had perished, but this is how they conceal it. Their purpose is so apparent it’s ridiculous.

The episode provoked more criticism of NBC News and its journalistic ethics, with some Twitter users accusing Ryan of “masquerading as a journalist while being a homosexual activist.” The network has not commented on the issue as of now.

Sad Events

The shooting at the Covenant School is one of the numerous catastrophic occurrences that have occurred in Nashville in recent years.

That includes the detonation in downtown Nashville on Christmas Day in 2020 that wounded a number of people and caused extensive property damage in the city. Many rallies and counter-protests over themes such as police cruelty and racial justice have occurred in the city.

In the past, The Daily Wire has been criticized for its reporting of transgender problems and support of conservative causes. Ben Shapiro, one of the outlet’s most popular pundits, has been challenged for his beliefs regarding global warming, abortion, and gun control, among others.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.