Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Is In Trouble With the Law Again

We all know the political elites in this country believe they live under their own set of laws.

They trade stocks with insider knowledge, shake hands with shady donors, and tell us lies in order to get elected.

Of course, not all politicians are the same. Americans have a strong appetite for those who are normal people like us and play by the same rules.

Though there’s still an entrenched class of political elites who believe they can do whatever they want and face no consequences.

The latest example comes from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul.

Paul’s in Trouble Again

Months ago, Pelosi’s husband, Paul, faced criticism over potential insider trading.

Critics claimed he may have violated the STOCK Act, which prevents politicians from benefiting financially from their inside knowledge of the economy.

Evidence pointed to the fact Nancy may have shared information with Paul regarding health and technology stocks she knew were primed for a jump due to the COVID pandemic and a contract being decided between Microsoft and Amazon.

Paul faced no consequences for these allegations. Although it was clear he’d timed the market with his wife’s help, there was no way to substantively prove that.

In any case, Paul is now in trouble again after being arrested for drunk driving in California’s Napa County.

‘A Private Matter’

Paul was booked in Napa County and held on $5,000 bail, which is nothing for him. He was let out early on Sunday and will face two charges for drunk driving.

When Pelosi was asked about it, her office issued a statement that this is a “private matter.” It would have been less private if this rich buffoon had smashed up innocent people on the road, but as usual, these elite politicians think they’re above the rest of us.

At the time Paul was weaving around Napa County, Pelosi was speaking at far left Brown University in Rhode Island. Her job was to give a speech at graduation.

Perhaps she should have advised students not to drunk drive, since it’s apparently too much for her ultra-rich husband to wrap his mind around.

The Bottom Line

Paul is likely to get away with a slap on the wrist here, especially since he’s extremely wealthy and the husband of the second-most powerful woman in the country after Kamala Harris.

We are increasingly living in a corrupt system in which the elites do what they want while the rest of us are restricted more and more.

For an ordinary American, a DUI on Memorial Day weekend is a financial nightmare and a huge shame that could wreck months of finances and plans.

For the Pelosi family, it’s a “private matter” that won’t even be a drop in the water of their massive wealth.